fripSide first album.

New fripSide album name finally announced!

infinite synthesis

Sounds very fripSide style too. Can’t wait for the album itself! Cost 3500 Yen for the Limited Edition though. Ugh I think I will get this as a birthday gift. Just spent on future gazer and the new album is out soon too. Tsk. Nice way to spend money man. But it’s fripSide and future gazer was great too!

Track List:

  1. only my railgun (Railgun First OP)
  2. LEVEL5-judgelight- (Railgun Second OP)
  3. everlasting (Ah My Goddess! OAD OP)
  4. late in autumn
  5. future gazer (Railgun OVA OP) <<<< FAVOURITE! Loved the cover and PV/MV!
  6. 悲しい星座
  7. crossing over
  8. closest love
  9. meditations
  10. trusty snow
  11. lost answer
  12. eternal pain
  13. stay with you

Looking forward to it! (1st December 2010 Release) Oh and I chanced upon two Misaka Mikoto character song. Not as good as fripSide but still loved it cause it’s Misaka!

Ok got to go. Cya.

PS: One week to A Levels. Sigh.

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