infinite synthesis

Released Finally. For more information please go to style:fripSide. It has the lyrics and more information on fripSide then here will ever have. (Did this cause realised a surge of visits on 1st December lol, should be the infinite synthesis updates I being doing)

Anyway! Can’t wait for it. For now there is this PV (Short) for everlasting linked to the special site of infinite synthesis. Rips (YouTube uploads) of the album are already up in YouTube but I have not listened to any yet. Keeping it for my album to arrive before listening to them. “future gazer” will have to suffice for now (Its a good song too!)

Here’s the PV


Already cannot wait for fripSide’s next song.

PS: Please buy fripSide’s original release if possible. iTunes too have their songs. Support anti piracy! =)

*infinite synthesis debuted on 6th on daily Oricon Charts! Congrats fripSide!*

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