And so my copy of infinite synthesis has finally arrived! Arrived in the morning whilst I was sleeping and hence was woken up to a pleasant surprise =)! The packaging was WONDERFUL! Lol! Love the foil sleeve jacket and the artwork presented inside. Yoshino Nanjo may not be the prettiest girl out there but to me she has to aura that attracts people and is a friendly person haha lawl. Anyway the photo booklet was awesome and so was the CD’s design this time round. “future gazer” was great but “infinite synthesis” was presented with no anime tie in this time and I am glad too (Not that I do not miss Misaka!!!) Anyway so far all fripSide releases have not fail to excite me and this has not either.

Song List. Posted awhile ago but maybe shall repost it again.

1. only my railgun (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Anime 1st OP)

2. LEVEL 5 ~ judgelight (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Anime 2nd OP)

3. everlasting (Ah! My Goddess OAD OP)

4. late in autumn

5. future gazer (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun OVA OP)

6. 悲しい星座

7. crossing over

8. closest love

9. meditations

10. trusty snow

11. lost answer

12. eternal pain

13. stay with you

Listened to all of them of course. For me to ranked them (though I loved them all still) along with other fripSongs it will most probably this:

1. future gazer

2. trusty snow

3. fortissimo – the ulitmate crisis-

4. everlasting

5. LEVEL 5 ~ judgelight

6. only my railgun

7. late in autumn

8. meditations

9. stay with you

10. lost answer

11. closest love

12. 悲しい星座

13. prism

14. eternal pain

15. crossing over

16. prismatic fate

17. memory of snow

18. hidamari basket

Hope I didn’t left out any lol. People normally put “only my railgun” as first of fripSongs and I did once before lol. But with the release of their new album and eventual singles I felt that they style has progressed much beyond OMR. “future gazer” is a definite favorite as it is just harmony to my ears and flow nicely and possess a ethereal feel. My best single buy ever! Other songs were great too but I do not care much about cutesy songs like “hidamari basket” but still a good listen. “prism” is a relative exception as the tune rings nicely all around the song itself. The ranking however has no effect on how much I listened to them (Well maybe a bit) and I still love them all!

infinite synthesis is a definite worth buy though I must agree with some critics that the songs sound same-ish. But honestly why complain about that when each song is nice and actually unique after some listens =). To me the album is definitely better than some mainstream songs out there but perhaps it’s just me.

The album also came with a remix CD named “Re:product mixes ver.I.S” containing two remixes of “only my railgun” and “LEVEL 5 ~ judgelight”. Nice remixes done by Shinya Saito. Loved how he handled the original and did not over mix it until the main essence is gone. Prefer the original still but hey, a unexpected Remix CD which sounds not bad is far from bad right.

The DVD came with “everlasting” PV and Making. The CM for Now On Sale was also on it. Something not present in the previous singles is a new segment “history of fripSide 2009-2010”. Largely it (seems to be) talking about the three singles and album production process and their feelings about it. Will look out for style:fripSide when a post on the contents is up =). Personally though I preferred “future gazer” PV out of the four. Maybe it’s the song but “future gazer” PV had some amazing camera views and angle. If I were to ranked them it would be “future gazer”, “everlasting”, “LEVEL 5 ~ judgelight” then “only my railgun”. Nice PVs overall though I wish they stop using the black robed man concept. Sorta turns people off quite easily lol.

So! Nice album fripSide released and wow there are 18 songs now!! Much much more fripSongs since OMR. Wished that it would at least have the instrumental version of “everlasting” but I guess it was not really much of a big deal. Conclusion? Best album bought of the year (if not all time)

*infinite synthesis charted 8th in weekly Oricon charts and charted number one in iTunes Japan (Anime Section) for album sales. Though not at the very top yet but it’s the best ever! Go fripSide!

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