fripSide Collection

With the arrival of “only my railgun” and “Level 5 -judgelight-” my fripSide (second) collection has finally completed! For now of course =)

Now maybe I will save up for the USD250 bucks for the reprint of nao complete anthology. There are some good songs out of the 100 odd tracks but I personally prefer Yoshino’s vocals, less shrill and high pitched in my opinion. No worry though! I still love Nao’s voice and since it’s fripSide how could I say no =P

PS: My “only my railgun” disc case got a CRACK! YES a CRACK! I went zomgwtfbbqz. Guess I have to buy a new CD case for it but it sad that it is not original T.T

Conclusion. fripSide for the win! By the way I just love the new CD smell and wrapping, made me feel so luxurious haha.

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