ISML 2011

50 Girls, 7 necklaces and only 1 Tiara. Who will win it this time?

It’s time again for International Saimoe League 2011! It’s the time of the season already eh. Really hope Misaka wins the Tiara this time but with the ending of Railgun and Index Second Season soon, I can’t help but doubt that Misaka can make it to the top again by the end of the year. Let’s hope new Railgun material comes out and help boost her popularity! Just voted for her (and a bunch of girls) on the ISML webpage. I think you guys will not be interested but if you could help VOTE for Misaka! Railgun!!! And as you can see, the right side of my blog have the banner of Vote Misaka which will take you to ISML webpage 2011. The slivers below are credited to some kind creator (I can’t possibly create them) though I did used some time to edit the Vote Misaka banner and had to slowly upload and insert the slivers below neatly together to get a screenshot of them being lined up nicely. I support the girls in the slivers but most of all Misaka gets my most attention! Laughs.

Hope Mikoto wins! Support her will ya?


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