A new phase. Go Japan.

Firstly, the earthquake in Japan (I knew only one day after everyone knew) shocked me. I thought initially it was just a quake maybe hitting one or two cities (like the Kobe earthquake) but the resulting tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear crisis really shocked me. Sincerely praying for them and hope Japan will recover from this tragedy ASAP. This disaster serve as a warning how nature can simply destroy human efforts to circumvent the issue of natural disaster. I am not mocking the Japanese or any one in fact but it simply showed how a quake could easily wipe several towns off Japan, a developed nation at that. One consoling fact maybe that Japan is generally more well prepared then other nations when it comes to quakes and tsunamis and maybe thanks to their earlier efforts and anti quake technology more lives had been saved. Hope that Japan will recover from this incident and may this not seriously hurt their efforts to revive their economy. Not being naive here too, Japan does have a mounting task to resolve these but for now let’s help them whenever or wherever we could.

Admired those working it out at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. The Japan spirit of never dying, go Japan.


Cya. Till next weekend.

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