fripSide 4th Single.

fripSide’s 4th Single. Hayate No Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth theme song.

Yes they have released a NEW single! Just only actually, 24th August lol. Was waiting for it everyday in army (I got internet!) and when it released I was SO happy! Love the new single which is “Heaven is A Place on Earth”. I know long name but apparently cause it’s for the new Hayate No Gotoku! Heaven is A Place on Earth movie. Not a Hayate fan but well fairly speaking I liked the series but I prefer To Aru Majutsu more =). The B Side “The End of Summer” was good too, one of the better B Sides if you ask me, “Late in Autumn” and “Memory of Snow” was nice but this one, Yoshino’s vocals just resonated so well with the beats. “fortissimo” was like a A Side to me so yup, “Summer” is currently top B Side on my list!

A short preview.



Ranking of Songs after “Heaven is A Place on Earth” Release:

1. future gazer

2. Heaven is A Place on Earth

3. trusty snow

4. Level 5 judgelight, fortissimo -the ultimate crisis-

5. only my railgun

6. The end of summer

7. memory of snow

8. everlasting

9. medidations

10. lost answer

11. crossing over

12. closest love

13. late in autumn

14. prism, prismatic fate

15. stay with you, Kanashii Seiza

16. eternal pain

17. hidamari basket

That’s about it lol. It might have change quite abit since my last ranking. Changes in current preferences I suppose laughs. And there are new releases coming in too, the full version of “miracle luminous” (anytime soon these few days after people upload it – not that I do not want to purchase it but it’s bundled with an ero game which I have no interest AND no money to buy), “last fortune” and another unamed song for fortissimo (sequel?). I like these few months lol. MOAR~ 2nd Album soon maybe??

And by the way the new PV for “Heaven” is niceee! I would rank it first replacing “future” =)

Go fripSide!

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