Apple. For Steve

Ok first. Apple. Steve Jobs has passed away as many would have known by now and personally I am upset over his passing. He was truly a great man that not only brought us the famous i-Stuffs, he was also one that have foresight that few come close to and had that gifted ability to present his ideas so engaging too. I from my heart really and sincerely admire him and hope he will find peace after his passing and may Apple continue to prosper even after his passing as we all know no one is immortal and Apple will have to accept it too, they should remember him but also change when needed just like Jobs did as honestly what he have done maybe 5 years ago has becoming increasingly irrelavant as technology progress. I think he knows it too hence under his charge Apple never fail to dazzle every year. Now that he is no longer with Apple, Apple must not falter but carry on strong not only by his legacy but renewed ideas too that are sadly no longer Jobs styled in a sense but if the change is for the better I am pretty sure our dear Steve will be happy to do so too and also be happy that Apple actually lived on his legacy, by being daring and drive change.

For Steve.

OK, that’s for Apple and I shall not harp too much on it as I think Jobs would not have approve of everyone around the globe to stop their life just cause of him. He was a Visonary, Leader of all sorts and most of all, a great man.

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