ISML 2011 Regular Season.

Moving on, ISML 2011 Regular Season have finally concluded and here are the top 16!

1. Tachibana Kanade – Angel Beats

2. Misaka Mikoto – To Aru Majustu No Index

3. Nagato Yuki – Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu

4. Nakano Azusa – K-On!

5. Shana – Shakugan no Shana

6. Goko Ruri (Kuroneko) – Ore No Imoto

7. Aisaka Taiga – Tora Dora

8. Katsura Hinagiku – Hayate No Gotoku!

9. Akiyama Mio – K-On!

10. Suzumiya Haruhi – Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu

11. Eucliwood Hellscythe – Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

12. Yui – Angel Beats

13. Nakamura Yuri- Angel Beats

14. Senjogohara Hitagi – Bakemonotagari

15. Charlotte Dunois – Infinite Stratos

16. Sengoku Nadeko – Bakemonotagari

OK, so Angel Beats lead the pack with Kanade scoring a perfect record of 49-0 against 49 girls. They also have 3 representatives in top 16 too. But honestly I think Angel Beats is kind of overrated for me like CLANNAD (both are by Keys) or maybe it’s just me cause I do not really got absorbed into the story line, kind off cliche for me. I would have prefer Tomoyo over Yui ANYTIME and I think Yuri’s is better then Kanade, Kanade is good but seems too overrated. But that is just me, Kanade/Angel Beats fans don’t flame me! I voted for them too at times =)

Mikoto comes in second (T.T?) but not quite unexpected. As much as I wanted her to win against Tenshi, Kanade proved a tad stronger. The final tally of 51% to 49% is impressive though, Mikoto came closest to defeating her and the fact it was close made me quite happy. At least she fought hard! She also won all other 48 girls, quite a feat too. Hopes she wins the tiara, I only hope support for her will grow stronger even more as post season fireworks light up! Win Kanade this time! I am expecting a Mikoto vs Kanade finals again but oh well saimoe have always been full of upsets but hopefully Mikoto will not fall to other girls before reaching the final bracket. Continue showing us your strength you did in regular season!

Other girls I will be supporting/looking out for in post season in a months time will be Charlotte, Nagato, Eucliwood, Kuroneko, Yuri, Mio and Haruhi. I know some of them will meet straight on the first bracket (Charlotte vs Mikoto, of course vote BiriBiri! Sorry Char!) But oh well at least they made it into post season! I really like Charlotte too but her series staying power is too weak so I guess a top 16 spot is more then deserved, hope she will eventually end up higher ranked by conclusion of Post Season.

In a months time the 16 girls will fight it out again to determine the tiara holder and sorry Mio you are going to lose your crown most probably, I like you but I like Mikoto more laughs. I hoping for a top 5 berth for you though!

Here are the necklace winners for 2011:

AQUAMARINE: Misaka Mikoto << Yea! First Necklace grabbed! 2 in total now!

TOPAZ: Tachibana Kanade << Expected after being denied one by Mikoto

AMETHYST: Nagato Yuki << Defended it from last year!

SAPPHIRE: Goko Ruri << Kind of happy, at least a newcomer won a necklace

EMERALD: Aisaka Taiga << Didn’t expected it but congrats!

RUBY: Shana << FINALLY! Now left the Sun and Moon to conquer, Topaz and Amethyst I meant

DIAMOND: Eucliwood Hellscythe << Another fresh face, was expecting either Mio or Azusa to get it though

That concludes ISML Regular Season 2011. Looking forward to Post Season matches!

PS: On a side note, Anime Saimoe Japan 2011 has also started. Mikoto have won her 2 group matches so far (defeating a strong threat Homura Akemi from Madoka series) and poised to take on Victorique, Kurisu and one other girl which I cannot remember. Anyway I been following the results too but I prefer ISML format more. Besides I cannot vote in it cause of IP issues. Hope Mikoto win it though! Azusa denied her an Elite Eight berth last year by 20 odd votes I think, ironically Mikoto won Mio by over 900 votes for that 3 way match but lost out on ISML 2010 Finals, but well split voting anyone? Any case, Saimoe Japan this year have seen loads of upsets and hopefully Mikoto will not fall victim! I will post any important updates about Mikoto saimoe results but well one can google Moetron and find it better organised there laughs. Ok Nights!

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