saimoe update

Well OK since ISML is only starting 30th October (Single Elimination) the only Saimoe happening now is Japan Anime Saimoe 2011. I made mention of it previously and well it is currently undergoing Block Finals.

Sadly Mikoto lost her SECOND block final against the girl I couldn’t remember but well now I do. She lost to Astarotte Ygvar. Kinda sad cause she brush past not only Victorique De Blois to reach finals again, she had earlier said ejected Homura Akemi from Saimoe, a dangerous new entry. This is the second time she failed to make it to Elite Eight berth and to be honest I do not think she stands a chance again next year to even reach Block Finals cause of newer competition. Her win over Homura was splendid but her loss against Astarotte is just crushing. BiriBiri was the favourite to win!! Thought she will secure her first Elite Eight berth but too bad no. Hope 2012 you will reach Elite Eight for sure and don’t get screwed again at the last moment -.-”

Block A Finals: Astarotte Ygvar over Misaka Mikoto

Block B Finals: Erica Hartmann over Tachibana Kanade << Another sad case. Unlike Mikoto who have a movie coming up to perhaps sustain her strength Kanade is lacking any new Angel Beats material

Block C Finals: Madoka Kaname over Elucia De Lute Irma << What’s with Puella Magi sweeps. I think only Homura is deserving of the popularity of Puella Magi, that being said i would still choose BiriBiri over HomuHomu.

Block D Finals: Ika-Musume over Yuno

Block E Finals: Sayaka Miki over Haqua Du Lot Herminium << At least Sayaka is more ‘moe’ then Madoka imo. I dislike Madoka =(

Block F Finals: Mami Tomoe VS Shirayuki Hotogi << Results out soon ltr. Expecting Mami to win, PMMM should have no trouble against Hidan No Aria.

Block G Finals : Index L. Prohibitorum VS Kyouko Sakura << Wish Index will win but once again PMMM stands before another Raildex character. The previous Raildex VS PMMM bout will definitely see PMMM supporters supporting Kyouko like mad. Index was not very strong to begin with but hopefully Mikoto’s supporters will rally once forth and aid another Raildex character beat down PMMM and secure an Elite Eight. But TBH I see this match going to Kyouko. Damn I hate PMMM.

Block H Finals : Shinonono Houki VS Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko) << Kuroneko wins. No qualms about it. No way Shinonono can win against Ruri, it would have been different if Charlotte is the one standing before Ruri but I do not see how Houki can win Kuroneko. Then again Mikoto lost against Astarotte so let’s see about this.

So far team PMMM have 2 on elite eight and I will not be surprise if half of the Elite Eight will be Magical girls. Guess that this year’s Saimoe Champ is going to be a Magical Girl but the question is who? How I wish Homura is in the Elite Eight instead of Madoka, I really do not like her. Already looking forward to 2012 Japan Saimoe, this year’s saimoe is just full of upsets =/

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