Elite Eight of 2011 Japan Anime Saimoe


The Elite Eight of 2011 Japan Saimoe are out!

Elite Eight:

Astarotte Ygvar <Astarotte no Omocha!>

Erica Hartmann <Strike Witches 2>

Madoka Kaname <Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica>

Ika-Musume < Shinryaku! Ika Musume>

Sayaka Miki <Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica>

Mami Tomoe <Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica>

Kyouko Sakura <Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica>

Gokou Ruri <Ore No Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai>

Quarter Final Drawings:

1st Match : Astarotte Ygvar VS Erica Hartmann

2nd Match : Kyouko Sakura VS Gokou Ruri

3rd Match : Madoka Kaname VS Sayaka Miki

4th Match : Mami Tomoe VS Ika-Musume

Bolded names are the winners I predict will win. The magi finally have to kill each other with no Homura to rewind time and save them this time. For the only non Magi match I think Astarotte will win since she managed to defeat Mikoto earlier on but that being said Mikoto supporters may cast revenge votes against her for Erica. However do not forget Erica also upset Kanade (Both girls in fact denied the strong favourites to enter Elite Eight a second time) in the block finals hence Kanade supporters may cast revenge votes likewise. In any case I think this bracket is the weakest of all compared to the other 3 so I do not think the outcome will affect the finalists.

Ruri should win against Kyouko, there is no way Kyouko have more ‘moe’ factor then Ruri and Kyouko is the weakest Magi out of the 4 now. Oreimo supporters should throw their weight behind their sole representation in Elite Eight and the crucial swing votes who are undecided may also cast it for Ruri since PMMM have 3 other stronger contenders in the QF anyway. That being said PMMM power is still going very strong with no Mikoto, I expect Mikoto will be a obstacle since she eliminated Homura but she herself got screwed in the end also. Not surprising if Kyouko wins but most probably would be Ruri.

How could Madoka lose against Sayaka. Madoka is also the titular character for sake. That being said if it was me I would have chosen Sayaka for to me it is her that suffered more and hence be more deserving of the title Saimoe. I just do not see any moe in Madoka. Can someone enlightened me please? Plus the fact that the other 4 magi fought to save/protect her in the last timeline just kind off turn me off. Sayaka is my definite choice. However this match will definietly go to Madoka. Finally another Magi will be guranteed an exit from Saimoe again after Round 1’s HomuHomu exit.

Mami will win most probably. Once again banking on PMMM strength but for once I agree she is quite deserving of her place in Elite Eight. Ika-Musume will not go down without a fight though but I think Mami will edge out by just over 100 odd votes.

Hence, I predict that the SF will end up Astarotte vs Ruri and Madoka vs Mami. We will see if it happens few days later and if it does, the Finals will most probably be Ruri vs Madoka. (Though I believe Mami may just edge out Madoka slightly)

Additional Information:

Chinese Saimoe 2011 have already concluded with Charlotte Dunois winning the Finals over Senjogohara Hitagi. The combined votes is 1000 odd only though, nothing comparable to ISML’s. Nevertheless congrats Charlotte of having a Saimoe crown, even my fave Mikoto have not gain one. (She came close last year in the same Saimoe but lost to Fujibayashi Kyo in the Finals) Go Char~!

Korean Best Moe 2011. Most of the usual contenders have move on to the next round such as Mio and Azusa. However entries like Charlotte, Mikoto, Shana have been eliminated. Looks like K-On! is still very popular in Korean unlike Japan. Heartbreaking to see Mikoto exit so fast from KBM but I guess nothing can be done since I cannot vote in  it anyway ( or rather takes tedious steps, why can’t they just adopt HTML voting like ISML). Where is the Railgun S2!!! Need more Railgun to share the love of Mikoto!!!

ISML 2011: Restarts in 4 days time. Get ready for the postseason fireworks as the 16 battle for the tiara of the most prestigious moe competition. Predicting a Mikoto VS Kanade match WHICH is all so similar to last year’s Mikoto VS Mio where Mio earlier defeated Mikoto in 2010 Regular Season with a handful of vote (100 odd) but later win by 2k plus in the finals. Hope this will not repeat itself, let Mikoto win the tiara god damn it!!! VOTE MISAKA MIKOTO the Level 5 RAILGUN!

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