AST 2011 Quarter Final 1st Round. Astarotte VS Erica

Winner: Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches 2)

Erica Hartmann: 383 Votes (W)

Astarotte Ygvar : 255 Votes (L)

Our first Semi-Finalist is out and she is surprisingly Erica Hartmann from Strike Witches 2! Quite an upset as no one would have expected Erica to win not only because she can be considered the weakest statistically out of the Elite Eight but also the fact Astarotte had the support of Kugimiya faction could still lose to Erica. Furthermore Astarotte took down Mikoto which in turn took down Homura and Victorique, new dangerous entries before the tournament started. But she well lost in the end. Perhaps like what I mentioned Mikoto supporters casted revenge votes against Astarotte but it is quite unlikely too as the voter turn out is too low for a QF match. I guess either Astarotte supporters got lax and presume she will win easily over Hartmann and didn’t bother to take the trouble of casting their vote for her or people are more interested at the big guns in the next 3 remaining QFs. Congrats Erica for winning and I can’t help say that I am somewhat happy that Astarotte is out since she won Mikoto but Saimoe is still Saimoe, every match is suppose to be fair.


Kyouko Sakura VS Gokou Ruri

I will be picking Ruri but I think she will not have an easy time tomorrow against Kyouko. The Magi faction is really strong and Ruri may still fall to their strength. Though Kyouko is considered one of the weakest Magi left but it is also her match where the magi starts to trash things out to reach Semis. Will not be surprise if Magi fanboys oversupport Kyouko to make a even bigger statement than what PMMM is doing now. Rooting for Ruri and also predicting her victory but it will be too close to be called. We shall see tomorrow.

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