Top 16 Brackets. ISML 2011

The Top 16 of ISML 2011 have been drafted into two main brackets. No changes as to the method of pairing but since its Single Elimination this time it gets a tad different.

The Brackets:

So basically the Top 16 have been split into two brackets according to their ranking in the Regular Season. In other words some contestants will not meet each other at all if they keep winning their matches and will do so only at the Finals like for example Mikoto VS Kanade, Charlotte VS Mio etc etc. This is kind off different then before as 2010 was Double Elimination and hence the matches are longer and one can meet another twice in the fight for the Tiara.

Upper Half:

Tachibana Kanade VS Sengoku Nadeko << Kanade will be my pick. Predicting Kanade will win over Nadeko, Nadeko can’t possibly topple the Tenshi.

Akiyama Mio VS Katsura Hinagiku << Hinagiku will be my pick. Predicting Hinagiku to win as Mio has been losing strength plus the fact she won the tiara last year give her a disadvantage.

Shana VS Yui << Shana will be my pick. With Shakugan No Shana III airing now, Yui does not stand a chance, in fact I don’t really get why is she in Top 16, Yuri and Kanade was so much more important then she was.

Nakamura Yuri VS Nakano Azusa << Yuri will be my pick. Azusa will win though most probably, her strength has been consistent throughout plus she is one of the more popular K-On! characters, Yuri will have a hard time.

Lower Half:

Nagato Yuki VS Senjogohara Hitagi << Yuki will be my pick. With Yuki receiving a boost earlier this year due to the Haruhi movie I do not think Hitagi can mount a fight against Yuki.

Eucliwood Hellscythe VS Gokou Ruri << Ruri will be my pick. Going with Ruri to win also due to the fact she is voiced by Hana Kanazawa and her current fight in AST will bring supporters to ISML too. Can’t discount Eucliwood though, she’s won the Diamond Necklace and could also bring in supporters to her side. However I think she will not be able to win over Ruri.

Aisaka Taiga VS Suzumiya Haruhi << Haruhi will be my pick. Taiga will win though, she’s always had been the stronger one while Haruhi have been receiving little support as far as necklaces are concerned. The earlier on movie does not help much since it focused much on Yuki instead.

Charlotte Dunois VS Misaka Mikoto << Mikoto will be my pick. Mikoto will shock Charlotte to proceed as Mikoto is still going strong and especially after her shocking exit from AST I doubt international voters will give up the chance to avenge that upset. Charlotte has been losing strength too with her loss to Nadeko and Hitagi while starting out strong by defeating Yui and Yuri. Love both girls but will be choosing Mikoto over Charlotte and Mikoto also stand a higher chance to reach Finals compared to Charlotte anyway. Tough choice but yea Mikoto over Charlotte for me!

I am predicting a Kanade vs Mikoto or Shana vs Mikoto finals. Mikoto will have trouble with Yuki/Ruri though, I think she can win against Taiga. If Yuki win against Ruri I wouldn’t be surprised if Yuki can topple Mikoto but hopefully not. Predictions will change due to results so come back after them to see my revised predictions.

Remember the SE starts 30th Nov so get ready and vote, I am rooting for Tokiwadai’s Level 5 Railgun, what about you?

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