AST 2011 Quarter Final 2nd Round. Kyouko VS Ruri

Winner: Kyouko Sakura <Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica>

Kyouko Sakura: 657 Votes (W)

Gokou Ruri: 568 Votes (L)

So  Kyouko won, I expected Ruri to win but looks like PMMM continues to dominate. It’s a good show I admit but for Kyouko to win Kuroneko!? Kind of ridiculous. Kind of funny how AST have the magi dominating while KBM and ISML seen so few of them. Well anyway Kyouko is our next Semi Finalist and her opponent will be Erica Hartmann. I predict Kyouko will win and move on to Finals as Erica just does not seem to have the strength to take her down. Even Ruri can’t take her down how could Erica. But anyway Ruri fought well and it was a last rush hour vote for Kyouko that help her took back the lead. Looks like it is possible that the only non Magi to beat a Magi is Misaka Mikoto but she’s already out. This year’s Saimoe can be renamed Magi Saimoe anyway. Hope next year’s Saimoe will have more diversity and less dominance of a single series.


Madoka Kaname VS Sayaka Miki

So finally a Magi vs Magi match. Predicting titular character Madoka’s victory but personally I am picking Sayaka. I like Sayaka more and despite the fact I am annoyed at PMMM’s dominance I prefer her and Homura over the Magis. Plus it seems that people want a Kyouko vs Sayaka finals somewhat mirroring their relationship in the show I suppose. Nevertheless Madoka should be the one winning but since surprises and upsets have been rampant in this year’s saimoe nothing is for sure now. Go Sayaka, defeat your friend.


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