AST 2011 Quarter Final 3rd Round. Madoka VS Sayaka

Winner: Madoka Kaname <Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica>

Madoka Kaname: 371 Votes (W)

Sayaka Miki: 327 Votes (L)

No surprises here today as Madoka proceed to be the 3rd Semi Finalist. Looks like Sayaka cant defeat ‘Godoka’ after all. This also see the second magi being ejected from Saimoe after Homura’s exit from first round. Quite surprise however that voter turnout is below 1000. Still remember that 2010 AST saw more then a thousand votes for each contestant even starting from Block Finals. Maybe it’s multi voting that cause such disparity. Anyway looks like it will not be a possible Kyouko vs Sakura finals as some may wanted. Looks like it is up to Ika-chan to resist the magi’s onslaught but seeing her next possible 3 opponents if she wins all the way it will not be easy. This year’s Saimoe is almost as certain for a Magi to take.


Ika-Musume VS Mami Tomoe

The last QF of 2011 AST. It is also features the last contestant that can actually mow down the magi faction. Anti PMMM voters should be rallying behind Ika but do not underestimate Mami too. Personally I kind of like Mami but not enough to see her in QF. My choice will be for Ika but my prediction will be Mami. If that comes true it will be 3 Magis against one witch and hence it’s safe to say Saimoe is over, it is just to see who will take the throne. Go Ika-chan do your best!


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