AST 2011 Quarter Final 4th Round. Ika VS Mami

Winner: Mami Tomoe <Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica>

Mami Tomoe: 710 Votes (W)

Ika-Musume: 612 Votes (L)

Looks like PMMM make Saimoe record by having 3 magical girls in the Semi finals. Ika fought hard but still lost to Mami in the end. Guess that mean this year’s Saimoe is a shut out for other series other then PMMM. Erica remain the sole non magi and well she’s a witch, the magical girls is just going to destroy her, she’s not Walpurgis Night (for those who watch PMMM) after all. Since it has come to this I hoping for Mami to win the Saimoe since she’s my next fav magi out of the remaining 3. TBH I think Madoka will win which I will hate to see as I don’t find her worthy of the title. What happen to those real moe winners like Azusa, Taiga etc? Sigh it also seems that AST likes young looking girls, Madoka does not seem to be more than 14 anyway. Hope Mami will win!


Erica Hartmann VS Kyouko Sakura

It’s the witch vs magi. Erica has done very well reaching SF but I think her ride stops here. Even Ruri and Ika cannot take the magi down I do not think she has it in her. Sure PMMM haters will vote for her but i think PMMM lovers outweigh haters and haters will not do so in the end, they can’t be bothered. I am picking Kyouko over Erica as I like Kyouko more personally. Makes no difference anyway, Erica will not beat either Madoka or Mami even if she pulls off another upset. Also will not be surprised if voter turnout is low, PMMM is almost guranteed to win this match anyway. Looks like at least Mikoto had one title to take away from this competition, to defeat a PMMM magi but only to lose to a succubus later. Proud of her having the sole distinction of knocking out Homura. But in anyway congratz PMMM in making history but please not let it happen again, a inter series Semi Finals in the future is not interesting AT ALL.


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