ISML 2011 – Single Elimination Round 1 Results

ARENA ONE:  Tachibana Kanade – 6107 Votes  OVER  Sengoku Nadeko – 2900 Votes

ARENA TWO:  Nakano Azusa – 5580 Votes  OVER  Nakamura Yuri – 3471 Votes

ARENA THREE: Shana – 5418 Votes  OVER  Yui – 3630 Votes

ARENA FOUR: Katsura Hinagiku – 4513 Votes  OVER  Akiyama Mio – 4491 Votes

So Angel Beats saw their ace, Kanade blitz through Nadeko with over 6000 votes. Impressive as usual so no surprise. However Round One also saw two of their faction get eliminate with relative ease. Yuri and Yui did not make it sadly as I wanted Yuri to win but Azusa was too strong I suppose. Azusa performed strongly as usual just like Shana so like Kanade they make it to round two. However Azusa’s band mate did not had it so easy. Hinagiku as expected won the match but with only a 23 vote margin. This will cause some heartbreak for Mio’s fans as this not only meant a new tiara holder will be announced, Mio will also most likely not have a second chance at the tiara again next year with her dwindling strength. Congrats to Hinagiku for winning. Actually I would have abstain if not for the fact Mio is not the current tiara holder, figured I would rather give Hinagiku my vote then waste it since I would like to see her proceed on further which she did. Now the third round will see a playoff between two student council presidents and a Flame haze against a Guitarist on November 3rd.


Nagato Yuki VS Senjogohara Hitagi : Pick: Nagato Yuki, Prediction: Nagato Yuki

The pain we both share and the happiness that we crave are testaments of out inner selves”

Gokou Ruri VS Eucliwood Hellscythe : Pick: Gokou Ruri, Prediction: Gokou Ruri

“To change who I currently am – that is my wish”

Aisaka Taiga VS Suzumiya Haruhi : Pick: Suzumiya Haruhi, Prediction: Aisaka Taiga

“I will stand firm in my beliefs, of which you will not be the stumbling block”

Misaka Mikoto VS Charlotte Dunois : Pick: Misaka Mikoto, Prediction: Misaka Mikoto

“I am not just some pretty girl with some pretty face”

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