ISML 2011 – Single Elimination Round 2 Results

ARENA ONE: Misaka Mikoto – 6133 Votes  OVER  Charlotte Dunois – 3381 Votes

ARENA TWO: Nagato Yuki – 5743 Votes  OVER  Senjogohara Hitagi – 3616 Votes

ARENA THREE: Gokou Ruri – 5133 Votes  OVER  Eucliwood Hellscythe – 4316 Votes

ARENA FOUR: Aisaka Taiga – 5359 Votes  OVER  Suzumiya Haruhi – 4086 Votes

In Arena One we see Mikoto totally electrocuting Charlotte to proceed to round two as expected. Her vote total of 6133 even exceeds what Kanade pulled in the previous round (6107 votes) Nevertheless vote totals are not preview of one’s strength. Sorry Charlotte but I preferred Mikoto more, if only you did not face off against Mikoto. In Arena Two and Three Yuki and Ruri won their matches as expected especially by Yuki who did so strongly but perhaps Ruri faltered against Eucliwood but at least she made it pass. Both will face each other later. As for the Arena Four my pick Suzumiya did not get through, failing to subdue the palmtop tiger the fourth time but was within calculations. Congrats to Taiga for proceeding into round two and she will face off against Mikoto later on too.



Tachibana Kanade VS Katsura Hinagiku : Pick: Hinagiku, Prediction: Kanade

“To reach the top, I must defeat you”

Shana VS Nakano Azusa : Pick: Shana, Prediction: Shana

“I made a promise. Please, don’t get in my way”


Sengoku Nadeko VS Akiyama Mio : Pick: Mio, Prediction: Mio

“If I fall, I’ll just stand up again”

Yui VS Nakamura Yuri : Pick: Yuri, Prediction: Yui

“Everybody suffer setbacks, but it is how we react to those unfortunate turn of events define who we are”

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