Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 Grand Finals Results

 – Representing Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica –



And the Winner is…


Match Results:

Kyouko Sakura: 435 Votes

Mami Tomoe:  512 Votes 

Congrats to Mami for winning Saimoe 2011! She join the likes of Taiga, Azusa etc etc as a title holder of AST Champion. Happy that she won cause she was my pick and honestly I really thought that Kyouko would have won against Mami as she seems so popular. Nevertheless this was an guaranteed win for team Puella Magi Madoka Magica and it will also most probably be the last time PMMM will appear in Saimoe due to the fact the anime ended without much room for any possibilities of sequel/spin off. Only a sequel will propel PMMM once again as a strong force but I do not see that happening unless one count the cryptic scene for Homura during the last episode. And if there really is a sequel I will support Homura but that depends also who is her opponent =) (Mikoto!!!) Well anyway congrats to team PMMM for having showed such a record performance this year and this no doubt earn the hate of anti PMMM voters but if predictions of the IDOLM@STER come true next year I will definitely be even more irritated as at least PMMM had a touching story line while I just see IDOLM@STER as material for pure fanboys. Oh well we shall see again next year! Hope Mikoto will be eligible next year depending on when the movie release and good luck to Shana too, it’s her last chance next year and to be honest I think she deserves the title especially after trying to hard since AST started every year without fail. This conclude this year’s controversial and full of cyber rage Saimoe 2011. Congrats to Mami once again!

More pictures of Mami:

I thought that this picture was really cute and moe laughs. Ok until next year for AST!

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