ISML 2011 – Single Elimination Quarter Finals Day 1 Results

Quarter Final Match Results (Day 1)

QF Match 1 : Tachibana Kanade VS Kastura Hinagiku

Tachibana Kanade – 6442 Votes

Kastura Hinagiku – 4130 Votes

Tenshi once again steamrolled yet another contender and send Hinagiku back home denying her a possible chance of taking the tiara again. No surprise here as Kanade performed excellent once again, even garnering more votes then her previous round against Nadeko. I guess Kanade voters are not relaxing any time soon especially since the next contender is her strongest match yet in this tournament.

QF Match 2 : Shana VS Nakano Azusa

Shana – 5508 Votes

Nakano Azusa – 5107 Votes

Shana sliced through Azusa’s guitar with her katana and proceed on to Semi Finals. It’s the end of K-On for this competition which was not surprising as Shana have the advantage of her series being aired now, in fact it is the last season so I guess fans will use this year to help push Shana as far as possible especially since her shocking exit for R1 of AST. She will face off against Kanade for the Finals spot and I am personally supporting her. It’s about time some one give Kanade a tough fight and Shana may be the strongest challenger yet now especially due to Shakugan No Shana III. But still I am predicting a Kanade win as she has been performing strong, garnering over 60% of votes and over 6000 votes for her last two Single Elimination round I can’t help but feel worried for Shana.

Rankings Match:

Ranking Match 1 : Sengoku Nadeko VS Akiyama Mio

Sengoku Nadeko – 4463 Votes

Akiyama Mio – 6100 Votes

Ranking Match 2 : Yui VS Nakamura Yuri

Yui – 5832 Votes

Nakamura Yuri – 4421 Votes

No surprises for the ranking matches. Pretty much expected. Wanted Yuri to win though, guess she’s not strong enough. Stay tune for next matches previews which will be up soon.

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