ISML 2011 – Single Elimination Quarter Finals Day 2 Results

Quarter Final Match Results (Day 2)

QF Match 1 : Nagato Yuki VS Gokou Ruri

Nagato Yuki – 5114 Votes

Gokou Ruri – 5606 Votes

Surprise upset from Kuroneko here! Glad that she won over Yuki though I am also sad that Yuki is out, she’s also one of my favourite contestants in ISML. Looks like HanaKana supporters are all out today to support their seiyu as Charlotte Dunois also did better then expected against Suzumiya Haruhi even though she still lost. Congrats to Ruri for giving us the first ‘upset’ of Single Elimination but one may also argue that Ruri is strong in her own right too especially after her showing in AST. She will face against the winner of QF Match 2 which is…….

QF Match 2 : Misaka Mikoto VS Aisaka Taiga

Misaka Mikoto – 5836 Votes

Aisaka Taiga – 4899 Votes

Our very dear Biri Biri!!!! So happy she make it through too, the votes for Taiga on ISML Forums was making me nervous and a possible upset from Taiga too. But looks like it was uncalled for as she won nearly by a margin of 1000 votes. Did not break the 6000 votes though and her strength may seem to have taken a slight dip. Nevertheless go on Mikoto!!!! Defeat Ruri and advance top the finals once more!!! A HanaKana finals is not fun too (If Shana fail to upset Kanade today) Had been voting for you since start and will always continue to do so! Readers if can please vote Mikoto!!! I am forseeing a Mikoto vs Kanade finals but Ruri is also a great threat too, can’t forget that.

Rankings Match:

Ranking Match 1 : Senjogohara Hitagi VS Eucliwood Hellscythe

Senjogohara Hitagi – 4878 Votes

Eucliwood Hellscythe – 5751 Votes

No surprise here. Eucliwood brush aside Hitagi with ease.

Ranking Match 2 : Suzumiya Haruhi VS Charlotte Dunois

Suzumiya Haruhi – 5685 Votes

Charlotte Dunois – 4986 Votes

Was OK with either one winning, love both of them. However I was leaning slightly towards Charlotte as after all she is a newcomer and it’s most probably her last time in ISML Top 16. Haruhi may be kicked out too but she’s already in Top 16 since the start of ISML so she had her time. Good fight by Charlotte though! OK stay tune for previews to be up soon also.

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