ISML 2011 – Semi Finals Day 1. Tachibana Kanade VS Shana

Semi Finals Match Preview (Day 1)

~Representing Angel Beats and Representing Shakugan no Shana~

Tachibana Kanade VS Shana

“Tenshi against the Flame Haze, who will emerge victorious?”


“I have the courage to spread my wings and fly high, do you?”

Without the slightest hint of giving up, Tachibana Kanade continues steamrolling her way towards the 2011 Heavenly Tiara, with two impressive wins under her belt thus far in the Postseason. Seeing as she managed to amass over 60% of the votes for both those wins, it is easy to say that Kanade is unstoppable. But today, things look to get interesting as this year’s Ruby Necklace winner, Shana, backed by currently airing third season of  Shakugan No Shana, looks to exact her revenge on Tenshi. In their first meeting back in Amethyst 7, Kanade easily defeated Shana with a 4302-3234 victory. However, with the strength gap between the two coming closer together—the angel weakens as the Flame Haze strengthens—this rematch can undoubtedly go either way. It is evident that both of these girls desire to grab a hold of the elusive Tiara, and both know they must get past each other in order to move one step closer to obtaining it. When the flames of this battle subside, which warrior will remain standing—the seemingly immortal Kanade, or Shana the Flaming-Haired, Blazing-Eyed Hunter?


My Pick : Shana

My Prediction : Tachibana Kanade

This will be a very intense match. I will not say it will end up being a close match but no doubt Shana have regained much of her strength thanks partly due to Shakugan No Shana III but also due to anti Kanade votes. Personally I prefer Shana much more over Kanade so you could say I am both supporting and anti voting Tenshi. Kanade just seem too overpowered and overhyped to me. Even though forums are rallying behind Shana (for obvious reasons) I believe Kanade will live to fight another day. Nevertheless still hoping for Shana to pull this one off and deal Tenshi her defeat even if I prefer it if Mikoto does so but this is not the time for glory snatching. A JC Staff grand finals please?? And frankly I am more worried for the next match as if Kanade does fall this time HanaKana/Kanade supporters will definitely boost Gokou Ruri’s strength against Mikoto. Seeing her match against Yuki I would say Kuroneko is posing a huge threat to Mikoto. We shall see tomorrow after Tenshi and Flame Haze have settle their epic clash!



Ranking Matches Previews

~Representing K-On and Toradora~

Akiyama Mio vs Aisaka Taiga

Pick: Akiyama Mio

Prediction: Akiyama Mio

“They say three is a magic number. Today, it’s my number.”



~Representing Angel Beats and Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu”

Yui VS Nagato Yuki

Pick: Nagato Yuki

Prediction: Nagato Yuki

“If you see the world through my eyes, maybe you can understand where I am coming from.”



~Representing Hayate No Gotoku and Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu~

Kastura Hinagiku VS Suzumiya Haruhi

Pick: Suzumiya Haruhi

Prediction: Katsura Hinagiku

“Although we are both leaders, the ways we treat our subordinates differ.”



~Representing K-On! and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?~

Nakano Azusa VS Eucliwood Hellscythe

Pick: Nakano Azusa

Prediction: Nakano Azusa

“There is something we both wish to have. We call these ‘dreams.'”



~Representing Angel Beats and Bakemonogatari~

Nakamura Yuri VS Sengko Nadeko

Pick: Nakamura Yuri

Prediction: Nakamura Yuri

“All I ever wanted was to be with them, no matter how long or short it was.”



~Representing Infinite Stratos and Bakemonogatari~

Charlotte Dunois VS Senjogohara Hitagi

Pick: Charlotte Dunois

Prediction: Charlotte Dunois

“If people start to question me, I will show them that I deserve to be here.”



Summing it up, most of my favorite characters are having their matches today and I have supported them to my best if I could. Some special mention will be Yuri and Charlotte. Though both are newcomers I am glad they made it into Top 16 especially for Charlotte as her series does not have strong support among ISML voters. However I also fear it will be her last ISML top 16 as next year will most likely be a fiercer one and she does not stand much chance especially since there does not seem to be new material for IS. Nevertheless I am supporting her against Hitagi and hopefully she can defeatHitagi this time and manage a better ranking then her seeding position. I am foreseeing a close match though, it will go either way. As for Yuri I am slightly disappointed as I thought she will do much better then this but never mind that I hope she will win too! Good luck to all my picks especially Shana! Go burn the Angel down!

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