ISML 2011 – Semi Finals Day 1 Results

The Tenshi or Flame Haze?

Semi Final Round 1 Results

Representing Angel Beats – Tachibana Kanade

Representing Shakugan No Shana – Shana


Tachibana Kanade – 6929 Votes

Shana – 7624 Votes


So Flame Haze have won over the invincible Tenshi this time round. Victory is sweet for Shana as she overturned her previous bout with Kanade and won with a comfortable VD too. This first loss of Kanade takes place in Postseason have effectively knocked her out of contention for the Tiara. Looks like her undefeated record and continuous streak have strike a unhappy nerve among Shana supporters and anti Kanade voters. Congrats to Shana for making two records today, first to hand Kanade her loss and first to enter Finals for the second time in ISML history. Shana also scored a whopping 80.2% of votes from Japan so evidently Shakugan No Shana III has greatly aided Shana. With this win however I fear Kanade voters will rally behind Kuroneko and so will the HanaKana faction. Especially since Mikoto was seen as a fierce rival for Kanade during Regular Season and also like Shana her series is animated by J.C Staff which could result in anti Mikoto votes. Can’t help but be worried for Mikoto! Hoping for a J.C Staff grand finals but for the same reason Mikoto may get loads of anti votes. Go on Mikoto I will support you all the way! My readers please vote for Mikoto too! She is the reason why I am so on about Saimoe too. Go Raildex supporters, win over Kanade and HanaKana faction!



Ranking Matches Results



~Representing K-On and Toradora~

Akiyama Mio VS Aisaka Taiga

Akiyama Mio – 6662 Votes

Aisaka Taiga – 7759 Votes

Thought Mio voters will rally behind her after he defeat under Hinagiku during Day 1. Looks like third time is not the charm for Mio as Taiga continues her dominance over her.



~Representing Angel Beats and Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu~

Yui VS Nagato Yuki

Yui – 6849 Votes

Nagato Yuki – 7360 Votes

Yuki won as expected. She might not be in contention for the tiara anymore but she’s definitely still strong enough to hold off Yui though not Ruri.



~Representing Hayate No Gotoku and Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu~

Katsura Hinagiku VS Suzumiya Haruhi

Katsura Hinagiku – 7287 Votes

Suzumiya Haruhi – 7018 Votes

No upset here. Haruhi however did not bad against Hinagiku but not enough in the end.



~Representing K-On! and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?~

Nakano Azusa VS Eucliwood Hellscythe

Nakano Azusa – 7757 Votes

Eucliwood Hellscythe – 6597 Votes

At least Azusa salvaged some K-On! pride. She have relatively no trouble defeating Eucliwood but that’s about it.



~Representing Angel Beats and Bakemonotagari~

Nakamura Yuri VS Sengoku Nadeko

Nakamura Yuri – 7801 Votes

Sengoku Nadeko – 6445 Votes

Yuri today prevented an all out Angel Beats defeat by winning against Nadeko. At least it is something for Angel Beats fans to be consoled about after their ace fell to Nietono no Shana. Also happy too as she finally won a match since SE started.



~Representing Infinite Stratos and Bakemonotagari~

Charlotte Dunois – 6894 Votes

Senjogohara Hitagi – 6891 Votes

Congrats to Charlotte for winning against Hitagi! By a mere 3 votes too! This means my vote counted a lot as with everyone’s too! She and Hitagi fought a very close match with her taking an early lead only for Hitagi to take it back and maintained it until the last rush hour of votes came in for Charlotte. Happy that Charlotte finally got a win too and will not be fighting for 15th place and will not end last of top 16. She’s the only HanaKana member that I actually like and will support to my upmost with perhaps only not against Mikoto.

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