ISML 2011 Semi Finals Day 2. Goko Ruri (Kuroneko) VS Misaka Mikoto

Semi Finals Match Preview (Day 2)

~Representing Ore No Imoto and Representing To Aru Majutsu No Index~

Goko Ruri (Kuroneko) VS Misaka Mikoto

“Battle of Tsunderes, will you choose the Black Cat or the Railgun?”


“All numbers aside, I will not be pushed around by anything less than your best.”

All eyes are now set on Gokō Ruri as she has just pulled one of the biggest upsets thus far in the Postseason by defeating Nagato Yuki. Coming in as the 6th seed, Kuroneko shocked the ISML world by defeating the tournament’s 3rd seed by a score of 5606-5114. But the time to celebrate has not yet arrived, as Ruri’s next opponent just so happens to be last year’s Tiara runner-up, Misaka Mikoto. Finishing the Regular Season with only one loss, Mikoto entered the Postseason as the 2nd seed, easily shoving aside her previous opponents. In their lone meeting in Amethyst Round 5 during the Regular Season, Mikoto swept Ruri away with a 3795-3400 victory. But today, Kuroneko is out to show the Railgun that rank is just a number, and that her strength should not be underestimated. With a spot in the Heavenly Tiara match at stake, there is much on the line for both girls. In the end, will the darkness of the Black Cat cause her opponent to go astray, or will the Electromaster’s railgun lead her on the path to victory?


My Pick : Misaka Mikoto

My Prediction: Goko Ruri (Kuroneko)

As I said during the previews of Kanade VS Shana, the outcome of their match will greatly affect this match. Though Kanade has fallen, angry Kanade and HanaKana voters have rallied behind Kuroneko as she is after all their next best ace. Though Kuroneko entered as the sixth seed, she now pose a huge threat due to Kanade’s defeat at Shana hands. The fact Shana would have gotten quite a bit of support from Raildex faction too will even more push the Kanade and HanaKana voters to vote for Kuroneko. From what I have observed from forums and facebook, many are rallying support for Mikoto which is good but it is also resulting in Kuroneko fans campaigning more fiercely then ever after Kanade’s defeat. Indeed forums are seeing Kanade supporters helping Kuroneko as a form of revenge, some are even seeing them as one same girl! As much as I love Mikoto I would sadly have to predict Kuroneko as the eventual winner especially after what has happen to Kanade. Seeding is not an issue in Postseason as Kuroneko has proven once. This will cause Kuroneko supporters to be even more fervent in getting votes as she had shown she can do it. It will be a close match and it will go either way but perhaps due to a slight chance of complacency from Mikoto supporters Ruri may upstart her and gain the spot for the Finals. Go Mikoto zap the black cat down and proceed to the Finals for the second time you deserved. May the Railgun win!!!!



Ranking Matches Previews

~Representing K-On! and Hayate No Gotoku!~

Nakano Azusa VS Katsura Hinagiku

Pick : Nakano Azusa

Prediction : Nakano Azusa

“Not once have I stepped back from a challenge. That has not changed since, and won’t change now.”



~Representing Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu and Toradora~

Nagato Yuki VS Aisaka Taiga

Pick : Nagato Yuki

Prediction : Nagato Yuki

“Which jewel is more precious—the Amethyst or Emerald?”



~Representing K-On! and Angel Beats~

Akiyama Mio VS Yui

Pick : Akiyama Mio

Prediction : Akiyama Mio

“Listen; this is my song.”



~Representing Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?~

Suzumiya Haruhi VS Eucliwood Hellscythe

Pick : Suzumiya Haruhi

Prediction : Suzumiya Haruhi

“While I wield the power to create the world, you have the power to nullify it.”



~Representing Angel Beats and Infinite Stratos~

Nakamura Yuri VS Charlotte Dunois

Pick : Charlotte Dunois

Prediction : Nakamura Yuri

“With my back to the wall, I have nothing to do but fight my way forward.”



~Representing Bakemonotagari and Bakemonotagari~

Sengoku Nadeko VS Senjogohara Hitagi

Pick : Senjogohara Hitagi

Prediction : Sengoku Nadeko

“I didn’t expect to be facing you again.”



Nothing hard about this choices, if any it will be Azusa VS Hinagiku and Yuri VS Charlotte. Azsua should have no problem winning Hinagiku and hence taking revenge for her senpai. For Charlotte however it will be hard to say even though she defeated Yuri before but that was close enough to go either way. This will depends on are there more HanaKana supporters or Angel Beats supporters. She is also like mentioned before my only really favorite HanaKana voiced character and wished she made it higher instead. Well beats better being 16th place. Once again good luck to all my picks and yes Biri Biri please overcome all the anti votes and proceed to the finals, zap down Kuroneko!

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