ISML 2011 Grand Finals. Shana VS Misaka Mikoto

~Representing Shakugan No Shana and Representing To Aru Majutsu No Index~

Shana VS Misaka Mikoto

“Embodiments of Fire and Lightning stand now to fight for the prize. Who will prevail?”



“And thus, we stand on the golden path that can forever change our lives once more.”

 I never thought that I would be standing here once again, where the best of the best staged some of the greatest matches ever imagined. I stood here before, but lost in a fair fight. So much has changed since that time. I’ve witnessed countless battles, sparred with the toughest competitors imaginable, and dueled with well-respected friends. I’ve had moments of doubt, tears of joy and sorrow, and pain within my heart. Now, here I am, on the grandest stage of them all. I raise my head high and walk straight, never looking back or taking alternate routes. I have gone too far to lose it all, this chance, this opportunity of a lifetime. With my supporters cheering behind me, I leave no regrets. I stare at her, my gaze conveying how serious I am about winning this bout. Let the heavens roar with thunder and the earth burn in flames. Let thousands watch our epic showdown in awe. This is my road to the Tiara, and I will not have it taken away from me once again. Draw your weapon. Let us commence the battle all have waited to see. En garde!



My Pick : Misaka Mikoto

My Prediction : Shana

Yes as much as I wish for Mikoto to win, the odds are strongly against her this time. The effects of Shakugan No Shana III are in full swing now as it rekindles people fondness for Shana as it airs as we speak. Her upset over Kanade, winner of all 49 matches, proved how she have vastly regained her strength and is in a position to take what she deserves in some people eyes. That being said I have not given up hope on Mikoto too. Despite her 3-1 Record over Shana, I believe she will have a hard fight on Tuesday and Wednesday to win the tiara. This position is not a first as she too was in this spot last year facing against a then invincible Mio (Thanks to K-On! Season 2). Right now the situation is frightening same and I am really worried for her. Despite what people say that Shana has her last chance at the Tiara, I believe the same goes for Mikoto too when next year come as even if Index Season III come out it will not be able to push her to the Finals once again thrice in a row as people wish for new faces and some new faces are exactly threatening to kick out the veterans. No doubt she will still be in Top 16 like Shana but her chances of winning is strongest this year and I really do not wish for a repeat of AST Block Finals 2011 again now. Hence to all my readers please reconsider this fact and do not get dragged into the SnS III fever or “This is Shana’s last chance” talk. I am not asking you to vote for Mikoto as a must but give it some thought. All said and done I could only vote and hope for the best. May Mikoto, the Railgun prevail eventually but fate is against her once more. Nevertheless, go on fighting Mikoto! Win Shana! Always support you to the end Biri Biri!


One started my love for anime but one continued my love for anime. Only one will prevail. Good Luck”



Ranking Match Previews

~Representing Ore No Imoto and Angel Beats~

Goko Ruri VS Tachibana Kanade

“One chance is all I need to make things right.”

One can argue that Gokō Ruri and Tachibana Kanade share many similarities, while another may choose to say that they are totally different. In a sense, both are right as these two are similar yet different at the same time. On top of sharing the same seiyū and having similar personalities, both girls are also participating in their first year here in ISML. The two have worked hard throughout the season and, at one point, it seemed like a Tiara final between the two strongest newcomers of the year was about to be a reality. But after Ruri and Kanade’s unfortunate losses to veterans Misaka Mikoto and Shana, respectively, the most they can settle for now is 3rd. What makes this match-up so interesting is that, despite their similarities, the auras the two exude are totally different. Kanade’s nickname of Tenshi, literally Angel, explains the air of holiness that surrounds her. On the other hand, Ruri’s nickname of Kuroneko, translated as Black Cat, denotes the opposite—a dark presence. As light meets darkness, which of the two will consume the other and emerge victorious?


My Pick : Goko Ruri

My Prediction : Tachibana Kanade



~Representing K-On! and Toradora~

Nakano Azusa VS Aisaka Taiga

“With the help of my friends, I am able to stand here with pride.” 

To have made it this far, they may as well end this year on a strong note. Nakano Azusa and Aisaka Taiga challenge each other for the right to be in 5th place. Azusa is a serious girl, always trying to find time to practice and get ready for the concerts ahead. She tries not to fool around too much and is usually the one trying to get everyone’s acts together. Although she may not like it when her friends place her in precarious situations, she enjoys spending time with them. Originally, Taiga would rather scare the people before her rather than befriend them. When she started to open her heart, many students saw her in a different light. She went from someone to be feared by all to someone whom they needed to make their lives entertaining and complete. It took them a while to become the people that they are today, but they made it and have turned out for the better. With firm mindsets, they approach one another, making sure they leave nothing behind.


My Pick : Nakano Azusa

My Prediction : Nakano Azusa



~Representing Hayate No Gotoku and Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu~

Katsura Hinagiku VS Nagato Yuki

“I want to finish this year with a bang, not with a meek defeat! “

Their Postseason records are almost identical. Both Katsura Hinagiku and Nagato Yuki recorded wins in their first rounds of Elimination, only to stumble in their quarterfinal match-ups. Winning their first consolation matches and subsequently losing their second has put them on a collision course for the 7th place play-off. While Hinagiku expected this as she ended the Regular Season as the 8th-placed girl, the same thing cannot be said of Yuki. Boasting 47 wins and 2 losses, she ended the season as one of the hot favourites for the Tiara, knocking on the door for a shot in the finals. The bottom-line is that the voters have given their verdict. Whoever wins this match will end up as 7th, and the loser’s final placing will be just behind her at 8th. While for most girls these numbers might be signs of good showings in ISML, this isn’t the case for these two maidens. So, will the once Tiara winner, Katsura Hinagiku, end this season in 8th place, or will the once finalist, Yuki, be condemned to that spot instead?


My Pick : Nagato Yuki

My Prediction : Katsura Hinagiku



~Representing K-On! and Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu~

Akiyama Mio vs Suzumiya Haruhi

“We follow what we believe is true and are stuck on our paths no matter how many obstacles block us.” 

Leaders in their own rights, Akiyama Mio and Suzumiya Haruhi face off in their final match this season. Mio is a guardian figure, always there to soothe her friends in times of need. Mostly, she tries to set things straight and makes sure nothing bad happens with the group. She is looked up to by many of her classmates due to her cool demeanor and level-headedness. In contrast, Haruhi is a brash and arrogant girl who makes sure nothing stands in her way of getting what she wants. She is usually the first one to come up with ideas about activities to do and drags everyone into her world. What makes her stand out from the rest is her commanding aura and her ability to draw a crowd like no one else. Both girls have no trouble walking onto a high-volume stage with voters chanting their names. When the lights shine on these two competitors, can Mio overcome her opponent with her song and bass, or will Haruhi dominate her with her cunning and powerful aura?


My Pick : Suzumiya Haruhi

My Prediction : Akiyama Mio



~Representing Angel Beats and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?~

Yui vs Eucliwood Hellscythe

“Flowers bloom; love is in the air.”

My gaze is firmly entranced by two cute girls, sitting right next to each other. With each gentle brush of the rustling wind, their hair sways. As the sun lowers on the horizon, this beautiful sight is etched indelibly within my heart. The two maidens smile as I approach them, and my heart flutters at their radiance. The first girl introduces herself with a wry smile on her tiny lips as Yui, clearly not wanting an outsider to interrupt them, but too polite to say so. Her counterpart, using a pen, scribes her name as “Eucliwood Hellsycthe.” She gives me a fleeting gentle look, before affording me a spot to sit on in between the two. As we chat, their inner beauty permeates the scene. The pink-haired Yui talks the whole time, her energy contagious. Her personality fits the guitar she holds. The silver-haired Eucliwood writes her answers on a notepad she has with her. Her silence is my kryptonite. As the sun finally sets, I leave them with a love-smitten heart, but to which girl—Yui, or Eucliwood Hellscythe?


My Pick : Eucliwood Hellscythe

My Prediction : Yui




And so begins the Final Round of ISML 2011. A year as come and go and the finals has arrived so soon. It seem ages away then. Back then I was not expecting Mikoto to perform so well in Regular Season and certainly not expecting a finals between Shana and Mikoto. Looking at today’s pick and predictions I am surprised at where out of 6 matches, 5 I predicted my picks’ opponent will win. This is no reverse psychology for my readers but by studying the past matches votes patterns and relative strengths, I predicted to the best of abilities. For 50-50 matches like Shana VS Mikoto I predicted according to current trends and strengths which is SnS III’s airing for Shana. All said and done I wish my picks all luck they need today especially Mikoto as I really wish for her to be champion this time. Losing twice in a row is not fun at all! Go Biri Biri! And too all those out there support ISML to the end! Make more people know about this moe competition. It’s good to see ISML grow so much now and hence more fun too. Vote for your choice people! For mine it’s always Misaka Mikoto the “Thundere”!

PS: Wanted to post about new fripSide release info but will leave it for after the Finals as it contains the single cover picture (of Misaka) and I do not want it to overshadow ISML right now too. By the way for those who do not know fripSide’s Satoshi composed for not only the Railgun series as part of fripSide but also for Shana series as part of ALTIMA. Will post more about it after the Finals but both songs were great songs and I want to share them with you all.

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