ISML 2011 Grand Finals. Shana VS Misaka Mikoto Results

Fire or Lightning?

International Saimoe League 2011

Grand Finals Results

Representing Shakugan No Shana – Shana

Representing To Aru Majutsu No Index – Misaka Mikoto

Shana VS Misaka Mikoto


Shana – 8052 Votes

Misaka Mikoto – 9208 Votes


Winner of 2011 Heavenly Tiara : Misaka Mikoto

Misaka Mikoto has won this year’s ISML which is what I been wishing for. Both contestants put up a good fight but eventually Mikoto prevailed. I would have thought Shakugan No Shana III airing will swing at least Japanese voters to Shana but Mikoto actually gained around 60% of the votes casted there. In fact only China and Central Asia/Middle East voted more for Shana (Above 50%). Looking at the voting graph both girls started the matches garnering votes that place them on a tight race but an earlier then expected lead gained by Mikoto was seen and she carried it all the way to the final voting hour. With a VD of around 1200 I would have thought this match will have been much closer then it seems especially in percentage terms like 51-49 to which ever is the winner. But nevermind all these numbers today fixture concluded ranking 1-12 of ISML 2011 and Mikoto finally able to reach 1 after last year’s humbling lost to Akiyama Mio of over 2000 votes VD. Congrats to Mikoto once again and lets not also forget Shana who made an impressive run too despite entering as the 5th seed this time round.



Ranking Match Results



~Representing Ore No Imoto and Angel Beats~

Goko Ruri (Kuroneko) VS Tachibana Kanade

Goko Ruri (Kuroneko) – 6955 Votes

Tachibana Kanade – 9993 Votes

Kanade easily won over Ruri as what was seen as a rematch of their 48th matches in Regular Season before Kanade won Mikoto to get the title of 49-0 record. This match also saw Kanade reaching her what people are saying “Kanade Level” votes once forth. Actually her vote counts have always gone up in Post Season just that her match against Shana was not enough then. She even won Mikoto’s total vote count with just 7 more to hit 10000 votes which was hit today but not in the official playoffs only in exhibitions. Well at least Kanade fans have something to cheer on, being able to have the highest vote of the Finals Day.



~Representing K-On! and Toradora~

Nakano Azusa VS Aisaka Taiga

Nakano Azusa – 8257 Votes

Aisaka Taiga – 8773 Votes

Looks like Taiga is still a force to be reckon with despite her anime ended long ago. Well she is after all an AST title holder after all. In fact this clash is between 2 AST champion. Looks like Taiga is gaining strength after defeating higher seed opponents such as Yuki and now Azusa. Expect her to be a force next year again.



~Representing Hayate No Gotoku and Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu~

Katsura Hinagiku VS Nagato Yuki

Katsura Hinagiku – 8329 Votes

Nagato Yuki – 8502 Votes

Yuki managed to salvage some pride after a dismal showing in post season considering she performed greatly in Regular Season. She’s another character which I wish can grab the Tiara but looks like the age of her series is bringing her strength down especially in Post Season where more voters that are more inclined towards newer series swing the votes differently. She does however managed to knock down Hinagiku, once Tiara holder herself to gain 7th spot. At least she did not lose again. Go Yuki!



~Representing K-On! and Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu~

Akiyama Mio vs Suzumiya Haruhi

Akiyama Mio – 8890 Votes

Suzumiya Haruhi – 7980 Votes

Haruhi fail to knock down Mio once again as Mio takes the win. Last year’s tiara holder strength may have decreased but she still is able to hold her guard and win her last match of the year. Haruhi performed good too and ended the season at 10th, the same seed she was when she entered Post Season. Hoping to see them again in Top 16 again!



~Representing Angel Beats and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?~

Yui vs Eucliwood Hellscythe

Yui – 8531 Votes

Eucliwood Hellscythe – 8139 Votes

Yui won her match as expected as she trounced the Diamond necklace winner to gain 11th spot on the final rankings. Well done to both new comers even though they are not able to break into top 8 despite being touted as possible tiara contenders at the start of ISML 2011. Think this will be the last time they will be in Top 16 due to newer contestants and relative age of their series.



Ok so that rounds up the Final matches of 2011 and apparently there is going to be a Bishonen ISML tournament later on in December 6. Sounds interesting and may check it out but since after finally so much of following Saimoe I am going to take a break in following them. Looking forward to next year’s Saimoe matches and do not forget KBM 2011 have yet to finish and I will try to pick them up and post results too but cause I am not sure of the voting timings and result release there may be a huge gap. I may just end up posting the overall winner. Misaka Mikoto is currently in Round Of 16 in KBM facing off Madoka from PMMM today too. Obviously I am voting Mikoto and hope she wins KBM too. If she does that I would be very happy but ISML’s victory is also enough for me. Hope Mikoto will win against Madoka from the hyped series PMMM as evidently seen from AST. (Charlotte defeated Mami earlier in KBM LOL! Go Charlotte!) Thanks for following ISML 2011 and lets look forward to next year’s saimoe seasons again.


Note: There are several allegations against Mikoto as there are apparently several images online now claiming to be shots of fanatic Chinese voters BUYING votes from people whom apparently can use foreign IPs to mass vote for Mikoto. For example there are claims that Africa’s 80% is actually through cheating by Chinese side. Now I will not be able to authenticate any of the claims nor refute them on any grounds but firstly I really do not like this fanatic voters as they spoil the image and spirit of Saimoe and do nothing but just to create more rage amongst anime lovers. Secondly I understand some Shana’s fans’ anger over Mikoto’s win but I am pretty sure just like there are people supposedly cheating for Mikoto I believe there are others that do so for Shana too. Not pointing fingers as this is an ULTRA grey area but I am pretty sure the Chinese in China is pretty capable of doing so as described for either contestants. If Shana have won I would bet my house that angry Mikoto fans will in turn post the so called ‘evidence’ online too against Shana. AND most importantly I believe the folks at ISML would have done their part to flush out such votes maybe not totally but I believe majority of them. The fact they need time to process their votes and statistics instead of posting results within an hour after voting close would suggest they could be trying to flush out such votes to prevent controversial results. I can’t totally confirm this as I have no idea what ISML staff do between the time after voting close and results release. Nonetheless I believe multiple voting would no have affected this match very much if you compared the matches in post season most matches are hitting high new vote records so though there may be lots of fake votes, the difference it make would have been smaller compared to last year’s matches where a 100 votes meant in or out of contention (Look at the two times Shana VS Mikoto in post season 2010) All in all I just hope such controversial vote cheating will end and ISML could reinforce against such practice too to prevent such a split after results are announced.

PS: Will be posting pictures and information about ISML 2011 Final Standings. Sort of conclude the tournament proper. Look out for updates on fripSide too!

7 responses to “ISML 2011 Grand Finals. Shana VS Misaka Mikoto Results

  1. Nice post^^ I missed out on a lot of voting periods this year and the final round between Shana and Misaka Mikoto had ended before I even knew it.. >_> Hope I can be a bit more active next year.. lol.

  2. As part of the ISML Staff, I do confirm that cheating is detected and removed, and they happen not just in the finals but every match, which is why there is a 12 hour period between voting and results. Also about Africa, I probably shouldn’t say this but we only have about 10-20 votes from there per match, which is why you will often see whole percentages like 80% it’s probably something like 12/15 voted for Mikoto, not exactly a good sample size. 😛

    Anyways, very nice post (I love that Yui picture), and thanks for your dedication to ISML~

  3. good if misaka mikoto from to aru majutsu won the game because her stylish is same like me,simple!I would vote more for misaka!GO Misaka!!

  4. misaka mikoto is a girl that can we see she look like a proper lady,but the real is she is tomboyish!Eventhough she school in the school that only rich girl entered it but it would not stopped misaka to life free than the other!She is powerfull because she are the third most powerfull Level 5 espers,called Railgun!

  5. Urm….I like:
    1.Misaka Mikoto
    3.Aisaka Taiga
    4.Azusa Nakano
    5.Akiyama Mio
    6.Yui Hirasawa
    8.Last Order
    Wohoo…They are toooo cool!!!!!>.<!!!!!I hope Misaka will win her next battle!Also for the other!

  6. why why why missed voting and kanade didn’t win i like cute girls who are quiet in public
    shes one of my idols. dont get me wrong out loud girls i like too as long as their

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