update. soon!

Sorry to all those that had being following my blog but so far I have not update since ISML Finals ended. Busy with work and will only be able to update like on Thursday.

Just to inform you guys KBM Elite Eight is out and Mikoto is sadly not one of them. She was beaten by Madoka in Round of 16 but oh well. Good thing is Charlotte and Saten Ruiko made it through and will be competing against the likes of Homura and Kyouko. Mami got eliminated by Charlotte, surprise for me but happy! Hope Charlotte can win KBM but I am guessing Homura will take the title. She after all defeated Mio the defending champion. (That being said Mio is losing alot strength in all Saimoe nowadays) Will update after matches resume! Really hope Mikoto will not experience a drop in strength like Mio, hopefully new Raildex material can keep up her popularity to at least remain a Tier 1 contestant in ISML, winning the Tiara this year is good but even I have doubts that she can reach finals again (Semis will be good enough) as no one wants a repeat Tiara winner. In fact I am thinking of supporting Homura for the tiara but if a Mikoto VS Homura match up does occur then I will think about it. Meanwhile Mikoto finally have a moe title! Yea! (By the way this was a legitimate win, ISML staff have clarified that they did vote checking and found multi votes for Shana and Mikoto and flushed them out, kudos to them we will not be having a so called unfair match results people have been saying)

fripSide has also posted previews for way to answer, last fortune. There is also a new song ‘aliss in losso’ which is great! Will update about them ASAP!

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