KBM 2011 Semi Finals

Korean Best Moe 2011 is down to Semis. It is also the last important moe tournament to wrap up this year. Last year it was won by Akiyama Mio who was also ISML 2010 Winner. In fact K-On dominated the three Saimoe jewels with Mio taking ISML and KBM and Azusa taking AST. Nevertheless AST and ISML have concluded with new winners and with Mio already out earlier during Round 16 to Homura it is going to be a new winner this time too.


~Representing Infinite Stratos and Puella Magi☆ Magica Madoka~

Charlotte Dunois VS Homura Akemi

My Pick : Charlotte Dunois

My Prediction : Homura Akemi

This match sucks big time. Two of my more favorite characters are facing off for the Finals spot. I love Charlotte and Homura (especially after I watch PMMM) but I am leaning towards Charlotte. Why? Cause she did not had a decent chance for ISML and I have to see her finish off with only a 14th Rank when ISML concluded. Homura on the other hand should have a very good chance next year in ISML. Besides I am sick of seeing PMMM dominating AST and I do not want to see it happen at KBM. Charlotte have done very well to reach here by defeating Mami Tomoe and Madoka before. The two wins was very pleasant especially her win over Madoka as Madoka earlier on knocked out Mikoto who was a frontrunner for KBM this year. This also gave her sweet victory over her loss to Sayaka Miki in AST. However, Homura should be able to stop Charlotte from killing off the magical girls no matter how I hate it but oh well. Voting for Charlotte and hope she will pull off a win.




~Representing To Aru Kagaku No Railgun and Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko~

Saten Ruiko VS Erio Towa

My Pick : Saten Ruiko

My Prediction : Saten Ruiko

Will be going with Saten as she is my next favourite Raildex character after Mikoto. Her win will also give Raildex faction a chance to win 2 of the Saimoe this year too but thats unlikely as up against Charlotte or Homura, she will not win. She done very well to reach here and to be honest I have no idea how she garnered the support too. I do not see how the OVA helped her either. It’s quite mind baffling but I am happy anyway. She defeated Kyouko Sakura too, prevented another Semis filled with PMMM characters (Like AST) and hence I am voting for her. As for Erio I have not watch her series so I have no idea who is she except for the fact she got defeated in Round 1 of AST 2011 by Charlotte. Stastically, she is weakest amongst the four Semi Finalist but since Saimoe this year is being an upset bitch I do not bet my monies on Saten to win definitely. Voting for Saten and Raildex faction!



Basically this tear’s Saimoe is wrapping up with ISML and AST already declaring their winners. The Chinese Saimoe (linked from ISML) also have ended (way earlier) with Charlotte winning it over Senjogohara Hitagi in the finals. Still hoping for Charlotte to pull off an upset over Homura though as I really like her (Second to Mikoto in Saimoe) and wish for her to win KBM since i foresee a big big drop in strength for Charlotte next year. So far the Saimoe winners are:

International Saimoe League 2011 – Misaka Mikoto

Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Mami Tomoe

Chinese DBM Moe Tournament 2011 – Charlotte Dunois

KBM 2011 – ???

Wonder how next year will be. Certainly not hoping for a similar PMMM like domination in AST again. But with the IDOLM@STER hype? It seems possible.

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