fripSide mass update.

Hi folks been away for sometime and with even more fripSide updates I decided to update all of them one shot. Enjoy!


5th Single : <way to answer>

fripSide PC Game Compilation Vol 1

fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase theme song : <fortissimo -from insanity affection->

ALTIMA 1st Single : <I’ll Believe>


<way to answer>

Ok so lets move down the list one by one. First we have fripSide’s 5th single, <way to answer> coming out on 14th December which is like one week time. I. am. so. excited. The coupling song for the single will be <last fortune> which is the theme song for PSS Twinkle Crusaders. It’s not really a B Side as it sound more A Side-ish if you ask me. This will be similar to future gazer release and I do hope they make it into top 3 again in Oricon for the release but most probably not since its gonna face tough competition from all the Christmas releases from artists. In case you are wondering is this information all words then you are wrong. Watch below for previews of both songs!

way to answer 


last fortune

Now this is some fan made edit. So the PV ain’t the real stuff thats linked to the song. Nevertheless enjoy the song! (By the way you can download the preview from PSS website here)

Before we move on here’s the cover!














BiriBiri!!!! Whom also won ISML 2011 +D!


fripSide PC Game Compilation Vol 1

Yes fripSide coming up with their next album! However since it is not a Geneon release I think it will not be counted amongst their Geneon releases (Railgun, infinite) but nevertheless it contains 11 tracks of which some I have never heard before which by the way have one track made exclusively for the album. It may seem little but I am looking forward to this as after hearing previews it sound refreshing enough IMO from the infinite era and songs which I think Geneon will never release for fripSide. This is released under Visual Arts. Tracklist as below.

01. Hidamari Basket (Yoshino Nanjo)
eufonie’s Hidamari Basket theme song

02. trust in you (Shizuka Ito & Kimiko Koyama)
Lillian’s RADIO Twinkle☆Crusaders vol. 3

03. alice in losso (Yoshino Nanjo)

Ningyou Yuugisha’s Aliss Muppet theme song

04. colorless fate-ver.Luna 2011- (nao)
manatsu_8′s genzai mo itsuka mo faruna Luna image song

05. Triptych -fripSide arrange version- (Marie)
from ALcot’s vocal arrange album growing

06. spiral of despair-resurrection- (Rita)
Frill’s Chikan Senyou Sharyou 2 theme song

07. miracle luminous (Yoshino Nanjo)
riffraff’s Ren’ai Katei Kyoushi Rurumi★Coordinate! theme song

08. star carnival (Asami Imai & Akiko Hasegawa)
Twinkle☆Crusaders GoGo! STARLIT BRAVE theme song

09. prismatic fate (Yoshino Nanjo)
Pajamasoft’s Prism☆Magical ending theme

10. prism (Yoshino Nanjo)
eufonie’s Hidamari Basket ending theme

11. whisper of winter (Yoshino Nanjo) << Album Exclusive!

Most tracks are works are by other vocalist which one included Nao. From style:fripSide’s editor, apparently Colorless Fate have it’s vocals RE RECORDED. That means Nao worked with Sat again! I liked their era even if I prefer nanjo more. But nevertheless cool news! There are also previews for aliss in losso. Getting all excited and hyped over it! By the way it’s a Japan shipping only product so one will have to go to some middleman service like CD Japan which I checked and will cost me 80 SGD for it. It’s only like 50SGD in Japan. Sigh I am considering nonetheless. After all it’s an ALBUM.

alice in losso

full album previews

Wonderful Song(s)! I am already loving this release more then their infinite release.


<fortissimo -from insanity affection->

The new theme song for the upcoming (sequel?) to fortissimo: Akkord/Bsusvier game. Known as fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase, fripSide will be singing for this game once again and trust me the preview is AWESOME. It’s already going to make it into my personal favorites and to be honest I think it is injecting some very much needed change/life into fripSide’s style. Their songs are getting too stale (Even though Heaven was great!) especially those from Infinite Synthesis compared to their Railgun singles. It should be coming out in 2012 hopefully with their next Single or even better Album. Personally I think GENEON should allow them to release some of their game songs not just songs for tie ins as it is making them stuck in a rut as Anisongs are quite generic (even though I love them), a good Ballad every now and then would be nice too! Should still give credit for Geneon making fripSide’s release available worldwide though, makes us purchaser outside Japan alot more happy. Here’s the preview!

fortissimo -from insanity affection-

Love this song. Reminded me of why I loved fripSide so much.


ALTIMA 1st Single : <I’ll Believe>

This group is formed with Maon Kurosaki as their vocals (made famous by H.O.T.D Theme songs!) and mostu from m.o.v.e (No idea who is he nor what is m.o.v.e) and of course Sat from fripSide. Their new single has been out for a few days and debuted at 17 on ORICON. Personally I think it should have climbed higher as the single, both the A Side and B Side are wonderful songs. In fact I love the B Side more laughs. Anyway here’s their PV, I think it’s alot better than the weird cloaked man stuff in fripSide’s Railgun PVs which sadly will continue again in their newest single AND hopefully their last appearances inside too as I really wish for more Nanjo and Sat like in “Heaven is a Place on Earth”. Anyway, Enjoy!

Its filmed at Hong Kong!! Maybe someday fripSide will come to Singapore for their new PVs =)! (By the way ALTIMA seem to have went to Prague for their next PV shoot or at least some European country)


That’s about it! Mass updates! way to answer is going to be released in less than 24 hours time as of this post timing and hopefully it can break to top 3 again in Oricon. It’s a really nice single (heard it thanks to leak but still getting it) Please support them!

Will update again when way to answer is released. Sorry for the late updates, been putting it off till before fripSide’s release!

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