way to answer

fripSide’s 5th Single was released on 14th of December this Wednesday. It performed pretty well on ORICON if you asked me.


14/12 – #10

15/12 – #12

16/12 – #17

17/12 – #13

18/12 – #13

19/12 – #20

20/12 – #24


The weekly charts aint out yet and kudos to fripSide for another top 10 debut for their release. Of course I hoped it would be higher but against the competition I would say I am glad they entered top 10 even if they entered as #10 lol. It slipped though as expected and to be honest I hope it will make it into top 10 for weekly even though top 15 (or even 20) will be more realistic. For me I love their songs so ORICON figures are of second priority to me but nevertheless as a fan I am hoping for higher numbers. Hope fripSide will have another top 5 weekly release next time just like their first 3 singles!

PS: 16/12’s #16 happen to be FFXIII-2 Theme Song, “Yakusoku No Basho”by Fukui Mai. I bought it too but the fact it re-entered top 20 (or rather enter, it charted #26 when it was released) means FF fans are flocking to buy it after FFXIII-2 Release on 15/12. Power of an epic game release. Looking forward to my copy of yakusoku and FFXIII-2 and of course way to answer. Will also be away overseas till christmas eve. Hiatus again till then! (Enjoy way to answer in the meantime =p)

EDIT: Below is a comment I put on style:fripSide’s blog for any fans’ info. I thought I will repost it here. Enjoy the findings =D

More ORICON chart figures out for 2011! Thought I will comment here to let u guys know lol

Singles (Out of 90):
Heaven is a Place on Earth – 10764 (Rank 28)
only my railgun – 1904 (Culmulative total: 92741) (Rank 54)
future gazer – 589 (CT: 31952) (Rank 78)
Level 5 judgelight – 257 (CT: 61590) (Rank 89)

Albums (Out of 59):
infinite synthesis – 11847 (CT: 40924) (Rank 10)

Ok so this was take from a blog about the charts and figures for Seiyu (and anisong group) over 2011. Happy to see all fripSide releases still doing not bad compared to other Seiyu n groups. What surprised me is that IS still managed to garner 10k plus sales even in 2011. This outsold Heaven too which I Rofl at that. Looks like OMR is still people fav fripSide release even 2 years from den. Looks like looking at the CTs it’s safe to say fripSide is pretty darn popular in Japan anisong industry. Other then some strong individual seiyus like Mizuki Nana whom dominated the charts btw, fripSide is actually doing well against their fellow competition. I am pretty sure way to answer will do well too lol. Now if only fripSide release a new album or epic single like OMR which may give them another 90k sales record I will b even more happy lol.

Here’s the link:

PS: I kind of contributed to 1 sale figure for every release they had. Makes me feel kind of happy that I am supporting them however minute it may seem lol.

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