2012 (Plus updated fripSongs Rankings)

Happy New Year everyone! It’s gonna be the start of another Saimoe season and hopefully Mikoto will not be like Mio, getting so weak just after a Tiara winning year, be like Shana veteran type laughs. Anyway happy 2012 and I thought I would add something like the latest fripSide songs ranking IMO to add to what will just be another plain happy new year wishing.

It will be a brief one cause I am only doing now since I am kind of bored and the hype of happy new year stuff.

Top 10

1. Heaven is a Place on Earth

This song really catch on with me better then any of the Railgun songs. Love the distinct happy feel by Nanjo throughout the songs. Similar beats to their releases as noted by some but honestly it really stand out as one of the more unique tracks IMO. Nanjo’s vocals are wonderful here too! Really a hit with me. The MV/PV does it justice too, thankfully – given fripSide’s weird MV concepts – will stay top of my fripSong list for quite sometime.

2. future gazer

Runner up is future gazer, Railgun’s OVA OP. Used to be my first till Heaven came up laughs. Love the ethereal feeling introduction and the catchy chorus. Similar beats once again but somehow this song manage to made it sound not so stale but fresh. Nanjo’s vocals here are also not as squeaky as before. The design of the CD jacket was also gorgeous, better then Heaven IMO.

3. Level 5 -judgelight-

Some say it was a let down after only my railgun’s epic beats and catchiness in it. But after giving it a few listens myself, I found that the drawn out intro and beats really make me leap into the song and I just love the interludes. The battle feel throughout also sounded nicer and not so “rehasy” like OMR.

4. The end of summer

The best B side IMO. For me I can feel Nanjo vocals as moving and there was a nice feel to the song. Sorrowful yet summery at the same time. Actually expected a more upbeat cute song to fit in the summer theme but guess not. The formula worked out nicely anyway! The beats for the song was also amazing IMO, nicely timed and powerful too.

5. trusty snow

One of the songs that make a memorable impression on me in infinite synthesis. Somewhat composed in the same arrangement/manner like OMR but I think its a really emotional song with great beats too. One of my top songs from their album release.

6. way to answer

A song that stands out as being different alright from their other release. For once Sat did not use the usual synth based beats but opted for something more rock IMO. Like the eventual arrangement and it definitely fit the Railgun PSP game OP well. Nanjo vocals here are also great too especially since she practically had to keep singing for the whole song including interludes which was amazing. Her vocals just seems to get better with every release.

7. only my railgun

Yep this song that many love fripSide to begin with. It however started to slip from my personal rankings after every fripSide release as it’s tune is getting really stale IMO albeit very catchy too. Even some of my non anime lover friends got hooked or at least said it was a good listen after hearing it. Love this song but newer songs are making it less shiny now. I mean after all its 3 years since it’s release. Doing well on ORICON out of all singles though, great job!

8. stay with you

They should have done a LONGER VERSION was my thought after hearing it. A really really pretty track which I think should be given a longer incarnation to do it justice. Nanjo sweet voice just resonate so well with the piano behind it. For once I am glad there was no synth beats as it would have ruin the song. A nice song and a great ballad it stretched out. Damn it why is it so short.

9. memory of snow

A great slow song by fripSide. Nope it’s aint a ballad but it sounded really nice with the bell kind of ring into it. Really conjure images of winter for me! The only 1 of the 2 B side that will make it into Top 10 for me as it is a really mellow and kind song IMO. Nanjo vocals are also great here though not as great as recent release but I suppose that’s because it’s their second release with Nanjo.

10. closest love

Rounding up the Top 10 will be closest love, an eroge theme song. The ONLY eroge song to make it into top 10. I mean their game songs are catchy and all but it sounds all quite the same. closest love stand out as having greta interludes and a unique fell through out the song. The guitar make it impressive too. Nanjo sounds kind of emotional too which is why I give this song high marks amongst their eroge release. This could change though when their game compilation album come to my door in a few days time.


PV Rankings

1. future gazer

Great camera zoom in and out plus great positioning and all. Put that with a great song and time it properly, need I say more? (And luckily the weird concept was not too weird too)

2. Heaven is a Place on Earth

Would have gotten first if not for future gazer’s fabulous camera work. Love Heaven’s style and concept especially that costume Nanjo is wearing. Really love how they make Nanjo look fabulous in almost every PVs

3. everlasting

Great camera scene and the fact the video is FINALLY rid of the weird black robed man? Bested the remaining videos IMO. Nanjo also looked gorgeous here with her white dress and Sat with his mirror embedded shirt lol.

4. way to answer

Good visual and concept. A step down from Heaven though if you ask me but maybe that’s because I prefer Nanjo with long hair and her dress in it was really great! Still her concept here was great and the general change of feel of PV only suited the change of style in song too. One huge problem is that they just took weirdness one step higher. I would really love it if they stop having weird man (men in this case) in it. And hopefully it will be as Sat said it is sort of a conclusion to the Railgun PVs. But oh no I hope that does not mean Railgun future songs will not be undertaken by fripSide anymore ><!

5. Level 5 -judgelight-

Almost ranked it last due to Esper Ito appearance. Seriously!? Would have ranked it high cause other then that Level 5’s PVs was awesome with nice zoom on Nanjo’s face and the scenery in the video just make it classic. Esper Ito’s weird appearance does not do it justice.

6. only my railgun

Can’t blame fripSide as this was their debut release with Nanjo so I guess budget’s a bit short? Great light tube concept but the so heavily and comical computer generated esper powers? A No No man. I rather they had a Anime JC Staff animated PV for this then actually making it real life. Plus this also started the weird man concept so yep. Where is my “flower of bravey” PV concept! Sat should have opted for that instead of this (I feel) cheap PV production, the fake Railgun make it worse too compared to the anime’s own OP version.


So I guess that’s about it? I am looking forward to 2012 as my Japan trip should materialize this year and of course a new Saimoe season. More fripSide release too!!! Happy 2012 for now readers!

One response to “2012 (Plus updated fripSongs Rankings)

  1. I read all but the PV review for way to answer!! It’s interesting and fun to read what other fans like!

    Sounds like you prefer the more cutesy and upbeat songs than the edgy ones. future gazer I liked but I fell deep in love with it during the last few months! I also had this impression that Heaven~ would not be well-liked but there it is at the top!
    stay with you is soooo beautiful and I hope to see them do a such a stripped down ballad again with a real piano.
    Anyway, looking at your ranking, it looks Sat succeeded in giving you a fav for every season!! (I like the categorize their songs into seasons hehe) Totally just listened to stay with you and trusty snow because of this♥

    I agree with most of your points about the PVs. I actually don’t mind the black cape guys anymore because trolling us is their thing. The first time I watched Judgelight, I was SO confused by Esper Ito. The effects on OMR could have been worse, though its fakeness can be seen a mile away in some scenes like the exploding fire and the close-up of a hand with a coin.
    I love the everlasting PV. I started to cry when I realized the story, hah.
    I saw parts of Heaven~ and I think it’ll be a favorite, too.
    future gazer is just iaohsdiasdioahsdoia incredible with those high camera angles to the music. It was so well done!! I think it’s actually my favorite, too ^^
    One thing that fripSide PVs have going for them is the styling. They could be a little more creative with Sat, but Nanjolno’s outfits are always a hit with me!

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