Synchrogazer (ORICON Updates)

Hi folks! Been some time since I update cause I got kind of lazy and left my half finished post about fripSide’s game compilation hanging in cyberspace. Will be back finishing up soon I hope and partly cause I wish to listen to the album real careful to give my considered opinions. Nonetheless this post isn’t about fripSide, just gonna be a short post about Nana Mizuki whom I finally bought a Single from! Wishing all a Happy Lunar New Year too!

ORICON Weekly Chart

#2 – 51017

#8 – 10214

#14 – 5826

#21 – 2924

So Nana Mizuki’s newest single, titled “Synchrogazer” awas released last week. I heard some previews back then but wasn’t inclined to purchase it. However, after hearing the full song, I decided it’s a must buy. Unlike fripSide songs which starts off with catchy tunes straight off, I think Nana’s music is kind off more focused on her vocals. It is a good thing but for me it takes time to grow on which was what exactly “Synchrogazer” did for me. Ok partly the reason I listen to it is cause of it’s name. Synchrogazer VS future gazer? Laugh. But honestly it’s a good single and I can see myself becoming a Nana fan too, not  bad thing, she really has good vocals and style.

The Cover! Looks quite good IMO. Love the simplicity. One thing fripSide should have! I mean I love the anime covers but I am wishing for a Nanjo/Sat cover too not only on Albums but on some singles.


Synchrogazer charted #2 on Oricon Weekly Charts for it’s debut week. It also debuted as #2 on the daily charts. Sold around 51000 copies which is alot lol. Well she’s an epic seiyuu anyway. I think I will buy her singles from now on. Question is will I buy the previous ones like I did for fripSide? (Its like 25 past singles vs 2 past singles)

PS: I know I may delay it again but please wait for my fripSide post and my next CD loots coming in! I even bought a Blu Ray! Will reveal what is it about when they come. Until then I am gonna enjoy my new fave Nana and of course alongside fripSide.

The CM.

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