ISML 2012. 24 Regular Season Contestants Locked In with Tsunderes leading Stella.

Sorry folks for the extreme lack of updates! I promised to do a review for fripSide’s Game Compilation but due to work and FFXIII-2 I been procrastinating it laughs. This post will be about ISML 2012 which started around a month ago but due to sheer number of contestants everyday I decided to wait till the end of each Phase before I write about it. 24 Contestants have been locked into ISML 2012 Regular Season by now with 12 Stella and 12 Nova. Seeding rounds are taking place now before Phase II starts so lets see who make the cut for Regular Season and results of today seeding round.

Nova Division.

The supposedly more excitable change in ISML 2012. Now with Nova Division we can see more newer girls duke it out in ISML. 12 Confirmed contestants are as follow:

Akemi Homura <Puella Magi Magica ☆ Madoka>

Charlotte Dunois <Infinite Stratos>

Eucliwood Hellscythe <Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?>

Goko Ruri (Kuroneko) <Ore No Imoto>

Hasegawa Kobato <Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai>

Kashiwazaki Sena <Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai>

Kosaka Kirino <Ore No Imoto>

Kuroi Mato <Black ★ Rock Shooter>

Nakamura Yuri <Angel Beats!>

Tachibana Kanade <Angel Beats!>

Yui <Angel Beats!>


Nova Division have yet to undergo seeding round hence it’s still unclear who is leading the pack. However it is obvious that Tachibana Kanade will continue to steamroll her away to even Post Season this year as her strength hasn’t seem to die down yet seen from Phase 1. It is no surprise here after getting sniped out by Shana last year in QF where Kanade fell for the first time in her ISML career, a heartbreaking one too. Seeding Round voting for Nova will commence tomorrow, I am expecting Kanade to be top with quite a margin.

My Picks: Charlotte Dunois, Goko Ruri

My Predictions: Tachibana Kanade, Goko Ruri, Yui


Stella Division.

The division that house most of ISML’s old veterans and Tiara Winners (Doesn’t make a difference anyway this rule, Fate, Hinagiku, Mio and Mikoto will be counted as Stella Contestants even if they did not win the Tiara, may change next year though if a Nova Contestant wins) and older series. This actually give older series not in the league of Raildex or K-On! a chance to duke it out in ISML. Veteran powerhouses will still rule this division though in my opinion.

Aisaka Taiga <Toradora!>

Akiyama Mio <K-ON!>

Katsura Hinagiku <Hayate No Gotoku!>

Misaka Mikoto <To Aru Majutsu No Index>

Nagato Yuki <Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu>

Nakano Azusa <K-ON!>

Saber <Fate/stay night>

Sengoku Nadeko <Bakemonogatari>

Senjogohara Hitagi <Bakemonogatari>

Shana <Shakugan No Shana>

Suzumiya Haruhi <Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu>

Tosaka Rin <Fate/stay night>


Stella Division have undergo Seeding Round and results are already out as of writing. Results as follows:

1st: Shana (2019 Votes)

2nd: Misaka Mikoto (1963 Votes)

3rd: Aisaka Taiga (1810 Votes)

4th: Nakano Azusa (1611 Votes)

5th: Akiyama Mio (1418 Votes)

6th: Katsura Hinagiku (1335 Votes)

7th: Nagato Yuki (1325 Votes)

8th: Senjogohara Hitagi (1268 Votes)

9th: Saber (1202 Votes)

10th: Sengoku Nadeko (1055 Votes)

11th: Suzumiya Haruhi (933 Votes)

12th: Tosaka Rin (733 Votes)


Shana led the Stella Division this time round with Mikoto a relatively close second behind. Shana seem to continue gather strength as Season III continues and her loss to Mikoto last year would pull in much support as she had failed to win the Finals twice in ISML history, Mikoto did lost in 2010 to win it in 2011 so maybe Shana fans are pushing for her third final appearance this time.

Expected Mikoto’s strength to take a dip but happy that it did not decline as much as I would have feared. Hopefully this translates into her Regular Season performance. Taiga make a strong third too which was surprising for me as I would have thought Toradora supporters would have long gone for other series. Azusa and Mio convincingly round up the Top 5 this time round with Mio seemingly better then her poor showing in Post Season last year. Suzumiya Haruhi’s casts seem to have decline even more then I expected with Yuki even losing to Hinagiku despite her strong showing in last year’s Regular Season. Either Hinagiku had the movie boost or Yuki simply weakening. After all her series is the oldest compared to the remaining 12 other then Shana and Fate/Stay Night.

Bakemono cast performed solidly against such powerhouses especially since they are 15th and 16th of ISML Post Season twice in a row. Rin performed weakest but that is to be expected as her strength has always declined since 2010 ISML. Suzumiya performed the worse to my expectations though, landed 11th out of 12th is a dismay showing for her since she was considered one of the top tier contestants in ISML earlier days and a strong second tier contestant in ISML 2010/11. Nevertheless this is just a seeding round and some characters are better in 1v1 then such multi clashes and hence we may see different results when ISML 2012 Regular Season kicks off officially.


Thoughts up till now.

Out of 24 there are only 3 new contestants from Phase I to enter Regular Season. Though it is not over yet it can be seen most powerhouses from 2011 still continue to reign in 2012 especially Kanade’s performance. With no Shana nor Mikoto to obstruct her in Nova this time round I am expecting another Kanade overkill in Regular Season garnering 35-0 record or No Loss record once again.

HanaKana fans should rejoiced as 6 out of 24 are voiced by her with ace Kanade leading the Order of Lotus. Stats wise I would think Kanade is first followed by Ruri then Kobato, Charlotte, Nadeko and lastly Mato. Charlotte and Nadeko are quite par to par though. I am expecting a HanaKana dominated Nova Division this year as it follows. Other then Mato and Nadeko, I think the rest will put up solid performance in Nova’s Regular Season.

Angel Beats lead the field with 3 representatives followed by new and upcoming series Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukanai with 2. Four other series, K-ON!, Fate/stay night, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Ore No Imoto too have 2 representatives. Rest of the field are generally army of one till new contestants are locked in form Phase II and III.

For Stella, I think Shana will be the one to beat this year followed her heartbreaking second Finals loss last year and the fact it’s already the finale to her series. Her last shot at J-Saimoe 2012 will also perhaps see heavier campaigning and support for her in the 3 Moe Tournaments this year. I am however supporting Mikoto all the way even more now as I do not wish to see her strength gone the way Mio or Hinagiku have seen or worse Fate’s. I am not expecting her to retain her tiara realistically as ISML voters always seem to turn back on Tiara winners in Post Season but I am hoping for at least a QF showing in Post Season II and even a circlet win in Post Season I. A necklace this year will also be great, maybe the Topaz Necklace.

However it may be too early to predict any conclusive results as some contestants that may had pulled in lesser nominations could end up in Post Season instead. An example would be Charlotte whom did not pulled in much nominations and neither made it in Phase I to Regular Season last year but in the end outclassed Kosaka Kirino (2nd in Nominations) to participate in post season. There could be surprises.

Remember to vote tomorrow when voting commences again.


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