ISML Phase Two. 8 New Regular Contestants.

First Half Phase II Concludes. Next 8 to be decided.

Nova Division

Kanzaki H. Aria <Hidan No Aria>

Himeji Mizuki <Baka To Test To Shokanjuu>

Makise Kurisu <Steins;Gate>

Mikazuki Yozora <Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukinai>


Stella Division

C.C <Code Geass>

Lousie Valliere <Zero No Tsukaima>

Oshino Shinobu <Bakemonogatari>

Sakagami Tomoyo <CLANNAD>


The new contestants are actually not a big surprise, most are expected to win their groups especially after seeing their performance in Phase 1. However Himeji Mizuki is a pleasant surprise for me though as I thought Haruna would have defeated her and proceed on but she came out victorious and secured an early confirmation for her in Regular Season. Sakura Kyouko was also on the same ballot but she came in last which left me in serious doubt that the Magis would be able to trounce all competition like they did in AST 2011.

For Stella C.C survived a close scare from Konata of Lucky Star, I would have expected C.C to make it pass with a more comfortable margin but a win is a win nonetheless. Sakagami Tomoyo successfully make it early too however with the expense of Index and Nagi’s chances. Raildex characters did not have it easy this round as both Kuroko and Index lost their matches but which was quite expected. Hopefully Phase III will see more Raildex characters making it through. I would not be surprised however to see Mikoto as the sole representative of Raildex this time round though like how Shana did for Shakugan no Shana in 2011. Last Order should be able to advance though after today’s match but I am not counting on anything just yet.

So I am actually quite happy with this round’s results as we finally see some new faces in ISML and it should be an interesting Regular Season. No doubt the powerhouses are the usual few but never discount anything as Kanade  performed greatly last year despite being her first year so we might see a rising powerhouse again this year.


Thoughts so Far

So from my original 12 list of nominations I nominated only 3 have make it into Regular Season so far. With only Phase III to go I would think only 3 others have a chance at to lock in their spots. These namely are Index, Shimada Minami and Elsie. That’s if they performed their best and does not meet some other strong opponent in their Single Elimination style Phase III. I am happy to see Mikoto, Charlotte still in competition though and with the new faces I am satisfied for now. Would be great if more of my nomination goes through but as of now I can only see how Phase II will end tomorrow.

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