Aquamarine Round One. Total Overwhelm.

Mikoto, Kanade and Shana opens ISML 2012 with a big statement. More under the cut.

Hi folks! Sorry for the lack of update but was quite lazy in posting the remaining few slots of contestants from the last 2 Preliminary Rounds. Team Baka did well to advance but Team Raildex and Team IS failed to have all their contestants clearing and moving to Regular Season. Regardless ISML 2012 has officially started on it’s regular season and with the new format it is gonna be exciting.


Since there is a large number of matches EVERY round (36 excluding exhibition matches), I would be only posting notable results (IMO) and top 7 of each division after every round (at least till elimination starts. For now its the necklace I am concerned with). For total breakdown of results please refer to ISML 2012 Website. Thanks!



Misaka Mikoto, Tachibana Kanade and Shana opened the fight for the title this year with a big bang with all 3 posting over 6500 votes. True though that their opponents were either intra series or weak to begin with, to open the title with such a bang is a convincing statement that these three titans are most probably entering Post Season again. Mikoto will most probably have the hardest time of all as she will be a target this year after trouncing Shana in 2011 ISML Finals. I am still rooting for her though so go Mikoto!



Elsie de Lute Ima VS Konoe Subaru

4073 vs 4085

Elsie lost narrowly and to be honest it was such a surprise. I voted for Elsie but never expected her to lose to Konoe. Guess this will slowdown Elsie for the moment but I am predicting a quick rebound from her. This also place Konoe on the top for Round 1 thanks to her high SDO but she is unlikely to maintain that for long.

Shimada Minami VS Akemi Homura

4073 VS 4403

A much wider race but to have Minami catch up so close to Homura is both a good and bad thing. Good in the sense Minami is stronger than I expected (I voted for her this round) and she is my favorite girl from Team Baka too. Bad thing is Homura needs to up her game if not she will not even end up in the combined Post Season. Seeing how PMMM dominated in Saimadoka – Anime Saimoe 2011 – it seems their strength remains confined in Japan. Nevertheless she won but this will be a wake up call for her supporters to not be complacent.



Konoe Subaru

Akemi Homura

Haqua Du Lot Herminium

Kuroi Mato

Makise Kurisu

Victorique De Blois

Yuzuriha Inori



Fujibayashi Kyo

Hiiragi Kagami

Illyasviel Von Einzbern

Lousie Valliere

Sengoku Nadeko

Oshino Shinobu

Senjogohara Hitagi


The statistics are now using SDO as the “tie breaker” for placing for now. Hence for every Round 1 do not be surprised to not see big names in the Top 7 as if they had overwhelmed their opponent in Round 1, most probably their SDO is low. Compared to for example Elsie VS Konoe where Konoe narrowly won hence giving her a high SDO. However this will balance out as the Round progresses and I reckon by round 3 (as stated by maglor in the forums) it will be irrelevant by then. For comparison sake both Kanade and Mikoto are now ranked 16 for overwhelmingly winning over their opponents in Round 1.

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