Japan Trip Loots + KOTOKO feat fripSide (Part 1)

Back from hiatus thanks to ISML 2012 Regular Season. Finally have the feel to blog about my experience to Japan earlier in April. Ok so since everyone know how I love Japan I will not waste time going into how great it is. I would suggest that April is a nice period to go Japan as one you can see the Sakura Cherry Blossoms and two the weather is not too cold but not hot either. In addition while I was away a  vidoe of KOTOKO performing unfinished was uploaded on youtube. Great live and the music is so sat like. Gotta love this collaboration but I hope Sat would not forget about Nanjo too, would hate to see fripSide 2nd Gen break up so soon.

First up is the video!

Great performance by KOTOKO especially since it’s live. Too bad the single is not out yet when I was in Japan so I have to get it the old fashion way, ship it over lol. Honestly purchasing them direct is so much cheaper. There are also second hand singles which goes damn cheap but I love my CDs first hand so wouldn’t be getting second hands.


Speaking of CDs here we come to my loots from Japan. I visited Kyoto too for the sightseeing but Tokyo is where my wallet really suffered lol. Akihabara is indeed the cradle of anime and otaku culture. The amount of Maid Cafes and anime stuff there is seriously so much! Love it totally since Singapore have little places that actually sells such stuffs. However I was not interested in Maids in general hence I did not enter any although I do learn never take a picture/video of them as that will seriously piss them off. Of course I did not take any so I was spared any maid outrage. They do so as they do not wish for people to upload the pictures online where there is a chance people who know them would recognize them. Most are working as a secret so to earn more money. So just a little tip to those gonna visit Akiba or Japan as a whole.

Ok for the first part of loots picture I will be posting pictures of my BD and CDs. I am no professional when it comes to photos so tolerate the lightning etc etc.

I bought only 3 singles from this trip. Though I said the shipping was free and all I am quite selective when I choose which singles I actually buy. fripside was a given yes while I already planned to buy IU’s Good Day no matter what but I bought the normal edition only to find out the LE Type B HAS the MV. Since I already bought it no choice. Serment was because of it’s PV. How I wish they will start shooting those PVs in 1080 Full HD.

This is the true 1080 HD I am talking about ^^! It’s Animelo Summer Live 2011!!! Since I cannot attend the concert physically I guess this is the best next alternative. Watched both BDs already and it is money well spent. It did caused a big damage to my wallet though but thanks to me buying in a tax free shop and no shipping cost I saved 50 bucks worth of money. I know I could possibly get it for free (hmmm you know what I mean) but I really wanted the discs anyway so bought them. Clever of them to split the artists I wanted to two discs. Wanted only get the one with fripSide but Mizuki Nana, Faylan, Natsuko Ako and so on had to entice me too. Great purchase though but only one complain. Please provide this with Surrond Sound option if you are already making it blu ray anyway -.-“

The mini shrine is actually a good luck charm for studies. From meiji shrine in Harajuku.

Side view of my CDs/BDs purchases. Some may say why only these but I believe I will be going again so no rush. And besides I spent a fortune on buying one other stuff this time round. Look behind the Study Charm. Look familar? Stay forward to my next part as I unveil the next bulk of my loots.

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