Angel’s Win

Aquamarine Necklace this year goes to Tachibana Kanade or Tenshi of Angel Beats!


Nakamura Yuri – 737 (5.42%)

Aisaka Taiga – 2252 (16.55%)

Eucliwood Hellscythe – 2318 (17.04%)

Shana – 1950 (14.33%)

Tachibana Kanade – 2890 (21.24%)

Misaka Mikoto – 2546  (18.71%)

Kosaka Kirino – 971 (6.71%)


After calculating the SDO the standings are (SDO divided by 3 plus their vote share percentage)

Tachibana Kanade – 47.678

Aisaka Taiga – 47.124

Misaka Mikoto – 46.675

Eucliwood Hellscythe – 45.180

Shana – 42.835

Nakamura Yuri – 34.772

Kosaka Kirino – 33.034


So Kanade won the match as expected and this time there is no Mikoto’s high SDO to prevent her from winning unlike last year’s Aquamarine showdown. Taiga did come close enough to her by using her high SDO but luckily for Kanade she did not have enough vote percentage to ruin her chances again. I am also surprised that Shana did not gather as much votes as I would think but it is most probably due to the vote split (Rie Kugiyama) between her and Taiga. Still I would think Shana will have more votes than Taiga. Mikoto did well by taking second spot in votes and in fact she gathered more votes compared to last year’s period. However to be fair as a whole this year’s Aquamarine Match has more voters then last year’s. Kanade would be ineligible for another necklace and I do hope Mikoto could win Topaz as it would suit her well. Right now I am waiting for Mikoto to take on Shana and Taiga and hopefully she can win them and be top of Stella despite having a target at her back thanks to her Tiara from last year. Yuri sadly once again showed that she fairs badly in necklace matches and even got lower vote score than Kirino. Eucliwood did very good too especially after defeating Goko Ruri. Looks like Kore Wa Zombie Desuka Season II really helped her this time. Looking forward to Topaz Period once it starts!


PS: Sorry for the lack of updates from Round 3 to Round 7 of Aquamarine. Was busy with personal stuff and all. Will try to update more once Topaz starts and I will definitely do posts on Necklace matches. The post about my Japan loots might have to wait abit more though but I will do it once I have time. Mean time please continue voting and watching the Saimoe season and vote for your favourite!

Oh and also an extra for you guys. Honma Meiko won the exhibition for Aquamarine Bracelet. Nice poster if you ask me. Till Topaz starts!

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