Shocking Recovery


Mikoto grabs Ruby again for the Stella Divison


Hasegawa Kobato – 751 (6.47%)

Misaka Mikoto – 3984 (34.33%)

Yuzuriha Inori – 1171 (10.09%)

Nakano Azusa – 2242 (19.32%)

Kuroi Mato – 754 (6.50%)

Aisaka Taiga – 2023 (17.43%)

Kashiwazaki Sena – 680 (5.86%)


After SDO Calculation

Misaka Mikoto

Nakano Azusa

Aisaka Taiga

Hasegawa Kobato

Yuzuriha Inori

Kashiwazaki Sena

Kuroi Mato


After a unexpected loss to Yuki during Amethyst Mikoto actually rebounded to not only defeat Yuki in their “Rematch” via Exhibition where Yuki plus Ryoko face off against Mikoto plus Kuroko in Ruby 5, she also faced off against Shana in Ruby 7, a rematch since their epic Tiara final from last year.

I voted for Mikoto but I actually expected Mikoto to lose especially since she already lost to Yuki so how can she fend off Shana? Fresh from SnS III and momentum of wins since ISML 2012 started I would put Railgun’s chances as low in this match. Especially since there is always this “drop in strength for The Tiara winner” after their wins. However she managed to win Shana with a VD over 1000 votes and that really surprised me. Most probably supporters didn’t want a repeat of the Yuki episode and rush in to vote for BiriBiri. No matter the case Mikoto won that match with room to spare and also entered the Necklace match with a high SDO of 97 compared to Azusa’s 81 and current #1 seed Taiga’s 74. In the end she did won the necklace outright but also doing so by grabbing a high 34% of the votes which was once again surprising and pleasant for me.

By winning Ruby Mikoto is the only 3rd girl to attain the same necklace twice with Shana and Yuki doing it before. She is also the only Tiara winner to win a necklace again after her Tiara win. Fate,Hinagiku and Mio did not do so after their wins. However for all the records I do hope her strength will not dwindle from the peak now and perhaps put her in range of a repeat champion.

On the Nova side of the news however, Kanade continue to dominate all especially notably defeating Eucliwood and firmly securing #1 Seed. Charlotte however lost to Inori, Sena and Kobato pushing her down to 9th. I do hope she will not drop out of Top 16 at this rate. I would love to see a Charlotte necklace poster but I guess that’s impossible with these heavyweights around.

As we move on to Emerald I think Taiga is going to be able to defend her necklace from last year. Shana may prove to be the one that stops her though. I am anticipating a Shana VS Taiga or Taiga VS Mikoto match up and that will be very interesting. Eucliwood may also be a plausible force to take Emerald too. When Emerald 7 comes we will see what kind of match ups can we get this time round. With a boost from the just subbed K-On! Movie I would also look out for Azusa and Mio’s performance. Honestly I am quite worried over Azusa VS Mikoto as I have this feeling Azusa will win. Oh well let’s leave it as that first.

Right now I would say Stella Divison is shaping up to be more interesting then Nova Division now especially at the top tier of contestants. The last few spots of top 16 however seem to be yet to be finalized yet so we may see new girls in top 16 after Emerald concludes. Kanade will no doubt be the favorite to win it all this year and I would not be surprised if that is the case.

Before I sign off here’s a bonus, C.C won her exhibition and was rewarded with a poster. Nice poster if you ask me, Code Geass was a nice anime/story.

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