K-On! and Stella Division rejoice as Mio grabs another necklace for them


Yui – 1560 (13.11%)

Akiyama Mio – 3046 (25.60%)

Kashiwazaki Sena – 1054 (8.86%)

Shana – 3223 (27.09%)

Kanzaki H. Aria – 563 (4.73%)

Nagato Yuki – 1577 (13.25%)

Hasegawa Kobato – 875 (13.25%)


After SDO Calculation

Akiyama Mio



Nagato Yuki

Kashiwazaki Sena

Hasegawa Kobato

Kanzaki H. Aria


Congratulations to Mio for finally grabbing the ever elusive necklace she been waiting since 2010’s Aquamarine. She has been making to alot of necklace matches since 2010 but low SDOs and split voting have always killed her chances (along with Azusa) but this time round her SDO helped her alot. Shana lost out to her by SDO advantage and her aim of grabbing all necklaces have been put stop by Mio. She did garner more votes then Mio though, sort of avenging her loss to her earlier on but it was not enough.

Mio with this win also joins Mikoto to be the only two to win a necklace after their Tiara wins and I would say after a year of decline in 2011 Mio have really climbed up again in late 2012 Regular Season to establish herself as a legit Tier 1 contestant. The movie must have helped alot I guess. Will the momentum be carried into Post Season? We will tell soon.

With Shana’s loss to grab Topaz, 2012 is the only year for her not to win a necklace since ISML begun and perhaps this will jolt Shana voters to back her all the way again (just like 2011) to the Finals once more. She may have declined abit after a strong start earlier on the season but as we know Post Season always plays out differently then expected. Just remember the Kanade-Shana epic coup Shana pulled off last year.

As it stands, Nova Division has 3 Necklaces compared to Stella’s 2. A sign of trouble for Stella? I would think not as Sapphire was close enough to go both ways. Can’t wait for Nova and Stella to duke it out for the Tiara.



With the Regular Season over the Top 16 for each division have been decided! Notable is the close run of Kurisu Makise whom was pushed out to #17 failing to take part in post season fireworks and to be honest I am a tad sad about it. After all I nominated for her and have been voting for her every match this year. Sakagami Tomoyo did well too by entering Post Season once again after a dramatic Topaz 7 which saw her ousting Louise from #16. Top 2 nominations Nagi and Louise failed to enter top 16 even though they were widely nominated but as we see from Homura, nomination meant nothing in Regular Season.

Out of my initial 12 nominations only 7 made it into Regular Season with none making it to Post Season. Homura was my main hope but her performance in Regular Season was disappointing.  Others’ namely Index, Sakura Kyouko, Kurisu Makise, Minami Shimada, C.C and Elsie did around what I expected with Elsie having a spectacular run as I never thought she may have a chance at Post Season and she nearly got there. So yeap it’s been a great year for my nominations but honestly I never hoped for any of them to challenge the dominant tiers of current saimoe Juggernauts (maybe except Homura T.T).



Tachibana Kanade – Angel Beats!

Eucliwood Hellscyther – Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Goko Ruri (Kuroneko) – Ore No Imoto

Yui – Angel Beats!

Nakamura Yuri – Angel Beats!

Kosaka Kirino – Ore No Imoto

Kashiwazaki Sena – Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Hasegawa Kobato – Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Yuzuriha Inori – Guilty Crown

Charlotte Dunois – Infinite Stratos

Kanzaki H. Aria – Hidan No Aria

Kuroi Mato – Black Rock Shooter

Towa Erio – Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko

Victorique De Blois – GOSICK

Mikazuki Yozora – Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Haruna – Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?


Kanade dominated as expected earning her second perfect Regular Season with Eucliwood taking second and Ruri third. I would have thought Ruri would take second completing a 1-2 HanaKana podium but apparently KoreZon second season boosted Eucliwood much. But trust me Ruri will see another boost when Ore No Imoto gets it second season out later this year (or next). HanaKana dominated Nova with 5 making into top 16 namely Kanade, Ruri, Kobato, Charlotte and Kuroi. I can safely say KugiRie is losing out in numbers but lets not forget Shana effectively stopped the HanaKana Juggernaut, Kanade in her tracks in last year’s post season. Hence the rivalry continues. Both camps have by the way not won any Tiara yet so that’s another interesting point to note.

Series wise Angel Beats dominated along with Ore no Imoto. KoreZon lacked numbers but One Man Army works too in Saimoe proven by Hinagiku and Mikoto (and of course Shana/Taiga). Haganai is this year’s breakthrough series making it relatively easily (except Yozora) challenging Ore No Imoto but in the end falling short to that challenge. Infinite Stratos did well too considering the series has weak staying power and managing to do better then challenges from Hidan No Aria and Denpa Onna. All in all this year’s Nova had a good mix of past contestants and new contestants but for now the Tier 1 belongs to 2011’s Ace but not without a strong statement from Haganai.

A side note, Asuna has won big in her exhibition today against Saber (Kirito/Asuna VS Kiritsugu/Saber) and people are saying she is the next big nova challenger for 2013. But honestly for all the hype I have this hunch she is going to be like Homura failing once she enters Regular Season. I support her by the way and of course would hope to be proven wrong but with these hype over her it seem similar to Homura in 2011.

And of course to sign off Nova summary, Please vote for Charlotte! I have been supporting her since last year and would love to see her in Post Season II! Her first opponent should be against Kashiwazaki Sena and I do hope she can win despite the fact she lost earlier this year against her. She is my 2012 Nova favorite in case you do not know and please vote for her if you can! But of course vote for whoever you support too.



Misaka Mikoto – To Aru Majutsu No Index

Shana – Shakugan No Shana

Aisaka Taiga – ToraDora!

Akiyama Mio – K-On!

Nagato Yuki – Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu

Nakano Azusa – K-On!

Saber – Fate/Stay Night

Suzumiya Haruhi – Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu

Katsura Hinagiku – Hayate No Gotoku

Senjogohara Hitagi – Bakemonogatari

Hirasawa Yui – K-On!

Sengoku Nadeko – Bakemonogatari

Oshino Shinobu – Bakemonogatari

Tosaka Rin – Fate/Stay Night

Illyasviel Von Einzbern – Fate/Stay Night

Sakagami Tomoyo – CLANNAD


Mikoto successfully climbed to top of Stella rankings as the #1 seed despite having won the tiara the year before. This really showed how she is more or less not affected much by her 2011 win and can continue to post big numbers when needed. She lost once to Yuki though during Yuki’s most dangerous period but she rebounded nicely to fend off not only Shana (her closest adversary in my opinion) but also capture the Ruby Necklace. Could she be the first repeat winner? Unlikely as #1 Seed tend not to win the tiara and the fact she already won once will definitely work against her in Post Season. And do not forget there is Kanade on the other side of Nova which would be interesting if they see a rematch of Diamond 7 last year where Mikoto came closest to defeating her prior to Shana’s stellar coup.

Shana did well too reaching #2 but I predicted she would reached #1 due to last year loss and her peak of power thanks to SnS III. Furthermore I expected her to win Mikoto especially since Mikoto lost to Yuki. However she somehow saw a decline in later periods but rebounded in Topaz (especially the necklace match) and she definitely is a legit contender for the Tiara. She will make it to Post Season 2 but its a question of by how much only. (Poor Illyasviel!)

Series wise, lots of one man army in Stella with Mikoto,Shana and Taiga leading the pack. However K-On! has done very well especially Mio whom actually also seen a rise of power this year overcoming her slump from last year. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuustu done as expected with Yuki leading them securing a relatively high seed. For Fate/Stay night, Saber has done beyond my expectations making it in the top half of the seeding especially how she missed out last year narrowly. Bakemono and Fate have the numbers but sadly they do not have the strength to push on for a Tiara. CLANNAD saw a return with Tomoyo narrowly qualifying in which is an achievement itself but it stops here as Mikoto stands in Tomoyo way.

To Sign off Stella’s summary, Vote for Mikoto! As same with Nova’s Charlotte I have been supporting her wholeheartedly and I was really sad when she lost to Yuki earlier this year. Her Ruby win made me very happy though. Chances of being a repeat champion is slim especially with Kanade around and I just hope she manages another top 3 finish this year round. I do still hope she can win 2012 though, that will put her very much in Saimoe history books. So lets wait till 30th September to see more ISML fireworks.


And by the way, the customary accessory winner picture. This time is Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown who won the Topaz Earrings.

PS: I wonder will ISML have videos of Elimination of Post Season once again. Last year didn’t have one (Other then the grand finals) and I was really looking forward to it =(. Hopefully this year there will be some eye candy to watch again!

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