MC Power

Respective main characters of their series Saki and Akari reaches Block Finals.


Miyanaga Saki (Saki) – 321 Votes

Hasegawa Kobato (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai) – 292 Votes


Saki survives Kobato’s challenge to prevent an all Saki affair Block A Finals but looks like she failed to stop the Saki train. Saki as a faction continue to roll forward after shocking loss of Kyapten and Shizuno earlier in the 2 rounds. Looks like the faction supporters took the safe route this time and ensure at least one Saki QF berth for them. Talk about Sakimoe 2012. Saki will face either Yuuki or Koromo for the berth and to be honest an all Kiyosumi or a rematch between Saki and Koromo will prove interesting. Talk about random draws lol.



Akaza Akari (Yuru Yuri) – 385 Votes

Mei Misaki (Another) – 217 Votes


Another impressive win by Akari whom indeed position herself as one of the if not strongest anti Saki characters in this year’s tourny. Misaki had an impressive Round 1 and 2 runs but still fall to Akarin failing to stop a championship calibre Block Finals between Toki and Akari from happening. Now if Toki fulfill her side of the bargain in tomorrow’s match against Iori then we are in for a clash between the two great contestants of Saimoe 2012.




Welcome to Sakimoe 2012. (Again)



Kataoka Yuuki (Saki) VS Amae Koromo (Saki)

A Saki all affair for this Round Three and the winner moves on to face yet another Saki character I mean Saki herself for the QF Berth. Both had reach QF before but only Amae made it to Semis. This is also an interesting matchup as Tacos represent the KugiRie faction too and Koromo the Saki faction. Koromo is obviously the stronger Saki here but tactical voting may snipe her (a far thinking strategy though) as whoever win this is most probably gonna win the Block Finals too. Koromo should be able to do more damage then Yuuki hence the possible snipe by anti Saki factions. A far reaching idea though so I am giving this match to Koromo. Yuuki will be stopped once again by a Saki character.

My Pick: Amae Koromo

My Prediction: Amae Koromo




Iori Minase (iDOLM@STER) VS Onjouji Toki (Saki)

Here comes the S Tier challenger for the title this year. Toki had it easy for the past 2 rounds but now faces a possible stumbling block towards her showdown with Akarin. Iori has done very well reaching this far especially how iDOLM@STER had done during the Prelims. The KugiRie faction may aid her here especially comboing with Tacos but as a faction Saki will overcome that combo. Barring any snipe Toki will win this match with ease to book her Block Finals spot.

My Pick: Onjouji Toki

My Prediction: Onjouji Toki



I will be posting daily updates of Sakimoe 2012 Saimoe 2012 everyday now since Round 3 has started and especially how the neat looking Match Cards are out now for Round 3. People may be mad as 2012 is turning out to be 2011 again where a single faction is dominating the arena with the opposition falling short everywhere. Thanks to sheer numbers Saki has as a faction survive a few snipes here and there and still going strong into Round 3. I am a Saki supporter so I have no complains but I do understand the frustration of a single faction dominating the proceeds (Like in 2011). Nonetheless I am supporting Saki all the way especially Toki who is arguably the one ace Saki supporters can rally behind strongly which has been the problem plaguing Saki, no one true Ace that have it all the way to win it all. Of course that depends on tomorrow’s results as Toki may get sniped.

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