Block F Finals


The Dragon Lord cruise above SUBARA to lock in her Elite Eight spot


Kirame Hanada (Saki) VS Kuro Matsumi (Saki)


1. Kuro Matsumi – 213 Votes

2. Kirame Hanada – 143 Votes


Kuro won as expected in yet another all Saki Block Finals. Kirame has done well to reach the Block Finals given her character type to be honest even though she is one of the coolest character from Saki I would say. With this Kuro and Yuu is the third sister pair to appear in Best Eight and we shall see if the two S tier hitters can continue their momentum beyond Best Eight. For Saki this is history for them as they grab a record 5 spots in Best Eight and with yet another confirmed sixth slot to come Saimoe 2012 is really Sakimoe 2012 unless the other two non Saki girls can mount a comeback which would be indeed yet another sting to this powerhouse series whom have the numbers and strength but never to taste saimoe glory yet.



Haramura Nodoka (Saki) VS Atarashi Ako (Saki)




Stats wise Ako will win Nodoka hands down but as seen from Saimoe history stats are nothing when matches come into play, especially such matches. Of all the all Saki affair Block Finals this should be the most interesting one of them all as they represents the old and new Saki respectively. The new Sakis are of course posting some serious vote totals but Nodoka is traditionally Saki’s ace and have come closest (besides Amae) to reaching Saimoe glory. As seen from Saki VS Koromo match Nodoka may be disadvantaged by the fact she has appeared in the Best Eight twice in her appearances and voters may want a fresher face in Best Eight this time round. However Saki has a chance to write yet another record by pushing Nodoka to Best Eight again making her the first to reach 3 QF in her 3 appearances. Koromo missed that chance and I personally think Ako will take over the baton too from Nodoka.

Nodoka’s history of mowing down fellow Sakis to proceed may come to an end today just like Koromo’s record of not losing to another Saki. I am picking Nodoka but newcomer strength will push Ako forward.


My Pick: Haramura Nodoka

My Prediction: Atarashi Ako

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