ISML Quarter Finals Round 2


ISML Quarter Finals Round 2


Akiyama Mio (K-On!) VS Aisaka Taiga (ToraDora)


Mio has bested Yui earlier to reach QF and to be honest considering her power decline last year and subpar performance against top tiers this year she has done very well to proceed one more round further in the Tiara fight. She may not be the powerhouse in 2010 but at least she has made her presence known this time round in 2012 unlike 2011. Her path to glory should be stopped here today by Taiga whom have defeated she and fellow band member Azusa in most of their encounters. Taiga seem to be in very good position to perhaps reach the ISML finals she been wanting and Mio shouldn’t be much of a problem for her.


My Pick: Akiyama Mio

My Prediction: Aisaka Taiga




Misaka Mikoto (To Aru Majutsu No Index) VS Eucliwood Hellscythe (Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?)


A titanic clash between Stellar’s best against Nova’s second best. Both have not met at all this year and in last year Mikoto soundly trounced Eucliwood. However this year’s Eucliwood is much stronger then before and she may be the one to stop Mikoto once and for all in her bid to be a repeat winner. Similar to Mikoto, Eucliwood has only been defeated by one contestant and that is Kanade herself. Mikoto picked herself up after that one loss and rose to be top of Stellar’s rankings. Thanks to a Divison Finals upset from Ruri, Eucliwood is quite an overpowered 4th seed to be honest at this stage. I am bidding for Mikoto once again for this fight but her being the champion will work against her finally and prepare the stage for an all Nova affair for this year’s Tiara.


My Pick: Misaka Mikoto

My Prediction: Eucliwood Hellscythe

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