Block H Finals & Elite Eight

Shana blaze past Sena with a razor thin margin to make her final Elite Eight appearance


Shana (Shakugan No Shana) VS Sena Kashiwazaki (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai)


1. Shana – 263 Votes

2. Sena Kashiwazaki – 257 Votes


Its a second victoRIE we had seen in the last block finals match but to be honest it was pretty expected especially how the two KugiRie knights that got through has the most probably last chance at Saimoe glory. Sena will be sent packing home with a thin margin of 6 votes and it also spells the end for Haganai’s run in Saimoe 2012. Just too bad their two ace have to meet Saki and Shana whom represents the two most dominant faction in Saimoe 2012. With this the Elite Eight is made up of Saki and KugiRie factions which will be interesting to watch. I thought SaiMadoka 2011 was already void of variety but looks like Sakimoe 2012 is proving me otherwise. In any case I love the Saki faction but as I was frustrated with PMMM faction last year I can understand how non Saki lovers can be utterly disappointed with this turn of events. Nevertheless Saimoe 2012 has been a record smasher by Saki faction and honestly I think even the great KugiRie knights can bring them down at this rate.


YOUR ELITE EIGHT!!! Credits to Saimoe Update blog. (frusta) Dat amount of Sakis lol.



Yep its QF soon after the hard fought battle for the Elite Eight berths and lets see what we have.


Louise De La Valliere (Zero No Tsukaima) VS Onjouji Toki (Saki)

Haramura Nodoka (Saki) VS Miyanaga Saki (Saki)

Matsumi Kuro (Saki) VS Matsumi Yuu (Saki)

Shana (Shakugan No Shana) VS Takei Hisa (Saki)


Interesting draws with KugiRie avoiding the worst case scenario of facing each other first in QF. This sorts of boost their chances along with the Anti Sakis if they still wish to deny Saki the throne. That said the weaker knight, Louise have to face off Saki’s ace Toki right from the bat and honestly with the momentum Toki AND Saki faction is rolling it will be upset of the century if Louise manages to win. That being said over complacency on Saki’s part and a huge anti Saki force turnout could still upset the predicted path. After all it’s Saimoe.

Nodoka and Saki will be a epic match in terms of story in the anime and saimoe. Having defeated Koromo and thus deny her third QF appearance, the titular character is indeed rolling on with her best performance yet. In this battle of friends only one Kiyosumi ace can proceed and face the future seer herself if all goes to plan. I shall preview more when the first QF settles down.

No Matsumi dream finals as the luck of draw pits them against each other right from their start of QF battle. Unless they tie, which has never happened at Elite Eight one sister has to go in favor of another. Both are posting huge stats when needed with Kuro impressively knocking out 4 first prelimers while on her way to Elite Eight and surviving the Group of Death. Yuu is no slouch though by posting a huge R1 stat and defeating the 2009 finalists with relative ease on her way to QF. One S-Tier Saki has to leave finally but who will it be?

Shana has the best luck possible by drawing with Hisa, the weakest of the pack in Elite Eight. Shana may have won her way in with razor thin margins twice in a row but a win is a win. Stats does not matter much in such high profile matches and with her match being the last its even better for her. Voter tired of seeing a probable 3 Saki semi finalists will back Shana to be the one to add variety in. Besides its her last year in Saimoe. Hisa has done well reaching QF thanks to her draws and block buster developments in her block. However if somehow Toki loses then most probably Saki voters will back Hisa all the way in this fight. Unlikely though so Shana should be able to reach Semi Finals once again.

Finals Prediction: Toki VS Kuro/Shana, Toki wins.



Louise De La Valliere (Zero No Tsukaima) VS Onjouji Toki (Saki)

ルイズ・フランソワーズ・ル・ブラン・ド・ラ・ヴァリエール (ゼロの使い魔F)  VS  園城寺怜 (咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A)


Toki should win this easily given how she trounced Akari during their epic Block Finals. She has already push back the strongest non Saki contestant this year in fact. If she loses here its either anti saki voters finally decides to push out their top ace or KugiRie voters shows up in droves to push Louise through. Being the ace of the strongest faction this year (possibly all of Saimoe, maybe except Madoka) Toki is already in pole position to reach Finals and to lose here will be upset of the century. That being said Louise has some history as well with Saki by winning any Sakis that stood in her way with the exception of one names Haramura Nodoka. Nevertheless I am going with Toki as my choice and prediction since I like her the most out of the 6 Sakis still in running for the crown.

My Pick: Onjouji Toki

My Prediction: Onjouji Toki

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