Block G Finals

Nodoka proves why she is Saki’s traditional ace yet again


Nodoka Haramura (Saki) VS  Ako Atarashi (Saki)


1. Nodoka Haramura – 278 Votes

2. Ako Atarashi – 262 Votes


Well that’s that. Nodoka is Saki’s sixth and final representative to enter Elite Eight and also making history by being the first to reach QF 3 times out of 3 times in Saimoe. She may be part of the old guard but even newer achiga upstarts such as Ako cannot overcome the traditional ace of Saki. Ako did come close enough though but as Saimoe has proven once again stats does not matter when such high profile matches takes place. Hence with this Saki has a record number of 6 contestants in Elite Eight and given this if they still do not win Sakimoe 2012 then I guess Sakis ain’t fated with Saimoe glory.


PS: Since this is a VERY late post and Shana VS Sena match has already ended there will not be a preview. I am sorry but due to busy schedule I have been unable to blog hence the heavy backlog of results. Thanks for supporting!

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