Railgun S


New Season of Railgun announced for 2013

Dengeki Online have announced a second season of  To Aru Kagaku No Railgun which is named To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S2. For now its is confirmed Railgun S will handle the sisters arc. This means more Mikoto! And with an emotional Sisters Arc this could spell serious contention for Mikoto when she returns to AST next year! ISML too I hope. Adding this insight since I am a Saimoe follower lol.

Anyway, not much information for now and I guess we wait to find out more. Apparently all of Railgun main VAs (Mikoto,Kuroko,Saten and Uiharu) have known this for awhile and I am also interested to see who will voice the new characters being animated in the arc. Most importantly I hope they choose fripSide yet again for Railgun S OP since I have always thought fripSide have been churning out Railgun fitting songs.


Railgun S1 OP. “only my railgun”

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