Saki 全国編


More Saki at year’s end and next year

Nope this is not a post about Saki winning or dominating Saimoe 2012 but actually a post regarding a new season (most probably) of Saki which this time focus on the old Saki side where the Nationals Arc is taking place. Not much details now but only just news of an animated Nationals Arc and this means more serious mahjong hax coming up for our heroine.

Saki Achiga Hen is also mentioned whereby Episode 13 is coming out during December which will be aired on AT-X Channel. In case you haven’t realise there is 3 more episodes (15) in addition to the finished 12 and it should be covering Achiga till the end of Semis where the story will joined up with the main story then. More Saki love soon and I am not complaining. (Episode 13 theme song is by Stylips again)


The Trailer


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