fripSide AFA 2012

As mentioned this is a dedicated post to fripSide’s appearance in Singapore alongside Sat’s quick Q&A at AFA2012.

LisAni Interview and Q&A

Sat talked about how he was not very nervous for the live they will be performing on that night itself. The interviewer joked that he SHOULD get nervous about it and he say maybe he would. Also mentioned he is holding his first or rather fripSide’s first live in Singapore and how Singapore food such as the ever famous Chicken Rice tasted really good. Interview moved really fast as Sat was scheduled for a Stage appearance which I would cover later. So soon it was the Q&A!!! 3 questions was asked and are stated below:

1. “Why do you like to compose music and what inspire you?”

He mentioned that he was first exposed to music at a really young age in the form of classical which was the violin. He hated it though as he always had to practice it. As he grew older he begin to enjoy jpop and rock more and slowly begin to compose his own music. However he too stated even as he compose songs that seems so different from classical, music fundamentals starts with that. Spoken like a true composer haha.

2. “fripSide had 2 generations, one that begun with nao and now currently the second generation which has Nanjo san as the vocalist. What are the differences between them?”

He replied that fripSide had two vocalists which one of them was nao whom had already left and now currently Nanjo san is the vocalist for the benefit of those that did not know fripSide had two generations to it. He stated that even though fripSide had two different vocalist, his style did not really change and in fact for both gens it was around the same. Difference was he was composing songs for PC Games in the first gen compared to the anime songs he is now composing for in fripSide second gen.

3. “Out of all the fripSide songs you had composed, which is your personal favorite and why?”

He laughed once hearing this and promptly replied “only my railgun”. Reason being was he spent lots of time on it, up to 6 months for the song and even as he was composing he did not have a vocalist yet (before Nanjo san was inducted into fripSide haha). It was also the first song for fripSide second gen too.


That ended the session and I sure did enjoy it. In fact I asked the third question and did so with Japanese which was kinda daring on my part. Glad it turn out well. As for the other two questions it was really interesting to know he actually  learned violin before and yep hated it. It did help in his composition though as he mentioned. As for nao and nanjo it would seem surprising that he mentioned his style did not really change. I would have think otherwise but perhaps due to the nature of the songs he was composing for perhaps his style did not changed but only adapted to the anime nature of fripSide second gen. Plus the homage to binary digit on future gazer and now the homages on Decade kinda proves he still treasure his style from back then.



He and Nanjo appeared for a brief quick appearance on stage which was met with great applause. Most people had bought tickets to see fripSide and LiSA on this day and it seems to be true too. Nanjo looked very pretty in a white dress and Sat (he managed to changed!) in a white shirt and tie similar to what he wore in future gazer (or is it the same?). Some brief exchanges yet again about Singapore and how they look forward to seeing us tonight. Seem like they are all rehearsing up till the stage appearance itself which was great as they are putting so much effort to put this show for us.


Anison Song Concert (fripSide)

And now finally the core part. fripSide’s first live in Singapore!!!! I will be only covering fripSide here as it is a dedicated fripSide post afterall. First is the set list:

LEVEL 5 -judgelight-

future gazer

way to answer


fortissimo -the ultimate crisis-

Heaven is a Place on Earth

only my railgun


The stage was first prepared when Sat’s iconic keyboards was placed on stage and I knew they were the next act. Sure enough soon the screen flashed fripSide’s logo and everyone went high. True to that they begun their show with -judgelight- and everyone pumped their lightsticks high up. Sadly something went wrong with the audio system and most of us can’t even tell when the song started. The audios came in after the first verse or so and finally nanjo’s voice could be heard. She was wearing the costume she wore in -judgelight- PV too. She performed the difficult song with little hiccups and compared to her first live in Animelo 2010 she really improved alot. Guess it was the nerves and inexperience back then.

Next song to follow was future gazer. No stop for rest as it kicked in right after the first song and for me this is a personal top 2 favorite. Sang (or rather shouted) the lyrics as I jumped haha. Clear and good vocals here too from Nanjo with no signs of hiccup at all. Handled the notes very well too. Also thoroughly enjoyed this as it was the first time I am hearing future gazer live.

Short intermission with Nanjo chatting about how it’s their first time at AFA and also Singapore. Her attempts in English was realllly cute as she attempted to say the Merlion was huge in comical and cute english. Sat’s English was comparatively better but still kinda limited haha. Those two was really hilarious as they conversed with us in Japanese and english. Their interaction with each other was also fun to watch! After awhile Nanjo begun to move on to the next song by first saying it’s from Railgun PSP game and yep it was way to answer.

Yet another first live I heard from her and like her previous two songs she did it really good with no sign of tiredness from her yet unlike Animelo 2010 where she had to sing with some slight pauses. She ran off as the last verse ended but that will be a rather unceremonious exit hence we knew more was to come. Short trancy intermission punched out by Sat which really seem like a full standalone concert affair from them.

Nanjo makes her grand reappearance in the same white dress seen earlier during Stage appearance and she look dazzling as usual. She playfully asked whether we liked her costume (in her cute English again!) and of course the hall cheered with Sat adding on saying “You guys are level 6!” Really happy on how these two do their best to pump up the concert despite not knowing much english. Nanjo went on to perform everlasting which was a respite from the three upbeat songs earlier and my arms could rest finally. Beautiful mid tempo ballad and her voice once again match so well. I can’t believe that Nanjo’s live has improved so much despite singing such fast songs.

After everlasting ended some dancers dressed as maids appeared beside her and she told us that she is thankful to the dancers and also asked do we like their maid costume. She really does know how to interact with us and not just singing her songs. And of course the maid costumes meant Heaven is up next and this is my favorite song of them all. Great starting as usual and then the beats kicked in. Yet another great performance yet again and by now all of us are expecting for the finale song. Even though I hoped for more but there were other artists too so I guess performing six is already a great effort already.

As expected Nanjo told us the next is gonna be the last song and asked us to party down to the very last note. The moment only my railgun started, the crowd begun more pumped up then ever and perhaps brought the concert to its peak as many I guessed are waiting for this last and epic song. (There was 2 acts before fripSide so everyone’s getting tired too) Great intro riff again and the moment the song started everyone went high. This time round her only my railgun was much better then Animelo 2010 but had to take a short rest in one of the mid verse as I guess finally the song’s speed are catching up to her. It was only a short pause though as she got back into the groove real quick. The song had to end though and everyone was waving their lightsticks frantically to bid fripSide goodbye and thank them. Nanjo and Sat shouted their thanks and Sat said to see us again in AFA next year. I hope that do come true as I will definitely attend it again.



From Sat’s first appearance at LisAni booth to the concert end, fripside was no doubt spectacular to watch and listen to. As they exited the stage I really do hope they can come back again to perform as their lives are really good now I have experienced it. Nanjo have improved much ever since her live debut in Animelo 2010 but she can still improve on her volume as even though the pitch and all was perfect (difficult granting how fast fripSide songs are) her volume was kinda soft compared to artistes like LiSA. Nevertheless great performance from her and I have no regrets spending the $88 bucks. I did not get the most expensive VIP ticket as the distance difference was not that big and the extra 60 bucks for a non guaranteed chance at fripSide signed poster was just too expensive for me. Besides the poster was signed over a Anisong 2012 poster not on any fripSide themed merchandise. I hope readers enjoyed my experience written down here and I certainly do hope I have more chance to attend more of their lives and to report here on my blog.

PS: No pictures as it was strictly no photos nor videoing allowed. I did not want to risk being kicked out of the venue to miss out on fripSide.

2 responses to “fripSide AFA 2012

  1. thanks for writing about it, especially the Q&A session since it wasn’t broadcasted anywhere!
    that’s great that you had the chance to ask him a question!! were you expecting him to say only my railgun?

    • omg i didn’t realise you commented until now haha. A good 3 mths haha. Didn’t blog cause busy with stuff and there was a lull period in activities of my fav anime/artistes stuff anyway.

      Yea I was so happy I got to ask him that question! Well I only can think of that at the moment haha with my limited japanese. Regardless his reply was quite expected but I was actually hoping him not to say OMR since (I know it’s good and all though) it’s kinda everyone’s favourite out of the duo haha. Nevertheless I enjoyed his reply =)

      Gonna start up my engine and start blogging again since all the anime stuff and fripSide stuff is kicking back in finally. Hope 2013 will see PERHAPS another album release or a single. Either would be fine, I just hope they release stuff more often =S.

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