fripSide Decade

Hi all! Yeap I was on a extended hiatus again as I was actually kinda bored with the lull in the Saimoe scene and fripSide scene. Other then Saki Achiga Hen (EP 13 to 14) and Haganai (Both season 1 and NEXT), I haven’t been watching much anime also. You could blame it on laziness and for me I it’s more of a hit or miss thing whether I like the anime enough to enjoy to the end or not. Raildex and Saki was two example that hit and got me hooked from newest EP to EP.

Well anyway, this post is about a overdue review/thoughts about Decade. It’s been almost 3-4 months before I gathered interest and ‘strength’ to blog about it haha. Well the hype over Railgun S and ISML’s imminent Regular Season start have finally started the engine that died last year. (Also exiting service helps =)).


The Jacket/CD Album.

I didn’t really like the shiny mirror like thing of the limited edition versions of the covers but it was not much of a biggie since it’s more of a sleeve then actual cover. I prefer the normal cover with Nanjo gracing it. I guess Sat loves shiny stuff. The inside of the jacket is more or less same with the Silver/Orange theme throughout. Pictures were a lot less then infinite synthesis though but the blu ray HD glory makes up more for it.


Music itself.

I will go through them track by track.


A long song as usual (fripSide standards for their album) but this time Nao is singing along with Nanjo! It’s a reunion of Nao after Sat and her disbanded and Nao sounds as good as ever. One thing is both Nao and Nanjo actually sounded similar at some parts I couldn’t make out who is who at the first few listens. Both voices’ resonated so well, making Decade a great listen. The song itself is pretty mid-fast tempo kind of song and of course the usual catchiness. Not a very very standout song like OMR but definitely one of their bests. (The OMR and red reduction parts are SO good! Especially hearing Nao singing that OMR chorus, I really would love to hear a Nao ver. of OMR haha)

2. way to answer

A Side from their final single release leading up to decade. I really started to enjoy this song more and more after hearing it more times. Initially was not very impressed since it deviated from usual fripSide’s style but it grown on me now. Good song.

3. fortissimo -the ultimate crisis-

I don’t know why they included the infinite era single song into this album though. Nevertheless it is a very good listen and one of their best game songs I would say. I prefer it’s younger sibling though (read below)

4. come to mind (version 3)

I did not really listen to Nao’s version before so Nanjo’s version is more of a ‘first time’ listen for me. I love it immediately as the style is kinda different from usual fripSide 2nd gen stuff. I love the last part where nanjo hymn along too.

5. Heaven is a Place on Earth

I loved this song when it came out back then and is still loving it. That said it’s kind of stale after listening it for long and kinda sounded similar to future gazer. Nevertheless it was refreshing to hear it and I still love it.

6. fortissimo -from insanity affection-

I LOVE this song. The intro is so much of groove and nanjo sounded so good throughout. I prefer this over crisis to be honest and maybe because it had a good mixture of slow and fast pace when needed. It’s more edgy compared to the OMR styled crisis.

7. grievous distance

This kicks off a series of what I normally say Album filler songs. That’s not a negative comment though! grievous puts us directly into nanjo’s voice as intro and boom the music begins haha. A fast pace but kind of ballad-y feel on my part actually. Its like Nanjo is sining a ballad but fast pace. Good departure from infinite style.

8. whitebird

whitebird is Decade’s ballad for sure. It’s a sad sounding song for sure and nanjo sang with such sorrow feeling kind of voice. Love it.

9. a silent voice

THIS got to be the grooviest song ever made for fripSide second gen haha. It’s so sunshine and jazzy. I actually smile whenever I hear this song. Nanjo sounded so cheerful like in the song =).

10. message (version 2)

A good cover. Nothing much on my part.

11. re:ceptivity

This song is full of fripSide first gen and no surprise since Nao is the one singing it. Even the composition sounded just made for her when she was in fripSide. Great to hear a new fripSong from her.

12. infinite orbit

A song that deviates from infinite style. Does not sound as similar as much of fripSide’s song but the signature beats are still there. But I prefer insanity or way to answer over this.

13. endless memory ~refrain as Da Capo~

A mid kind of tempo ballad IMO. Remind me of everlasting and miracle luminous mixed together. Nice listen!


fripside premium live -infinite synthesis eve of decade-

This is the main reason why I had to buy Decade no matter what. For the first time fripSide actually releasing something in Blu Ray (HD!!!) and I had to get it no matter what.

The blu ray contain the PV, PV making and Special CMs as standard with past fripSide DVDs. However this time round there is the fripSide premium live which other then Animelo 2010 and 2011 is the first time we are seeing their live being released on physical media. Not to mention the songs are awesome, the HD glory presented to us is even more awesome!

Ok so, let’s look at the PV. The Decade PV is very well done and I am glad there is no ‘weirdness’ or some say their ‘trolling’ this time round. A very clean cut but effective PV that showcase Nao and Nanjo nicely. I loved how the OMR and Red Reduction scene had those light tubes around them, it’s like totally a homage to OMR and when they both sang each other songs respectively, the PV also show them actually singing to each other while the other listen. It just mean so much I think.

Then the live. The live is awesome from start to end. I believe for the very first time we are actually watching a HD fripSide exclusive live, the Animelo ones are good but too damn short to enjoy fully. I totally enjoyed watching and listening to the live renditions of famous fripSongs and also after attending AFA2012 I can confirm that Nanjo is able to sing at that level as shown in the BD, there would be some fine tuning but compared to the actual Animelo 2010 and it’s BD release, Nanjo was not heavily tuned IMO. This might not have been a huge live like the likes of Nana but it really was a very good one and I do hope they come to Singapore again for AFA13. I will grab the tickets at once if they come!

Ok so that kinda concludes the review for Decade. I will be posting more fripSide updates over the next few days and also possible a review of Nana’s latest album ROCKBOUND NEIGHBOURS. Bought her latest album when I was in Japan and I am really loving Nana’s releases now. Thanks again and sorry for the hiatus!

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