fripSide Sister’s Noise and Railgun S

A quick update on fripSide and of course the anticipated Railgun S.

First about Railgun S.

As we all known Railgun is finally coming up with a second series and titled as “To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S” where S most probably signifies Sister. There is no way this season does not tackle the emotional and possibly most heart breaking arc of the Raildex series. I didn’t like how Index handled the sister’s arc hence I hope this time round Railgun will handle it much better especially since Mikoto is the protagonist this time round.

Railgun S is slated for airing on April 12th 2013 which is like about 10 days time from the time of writing. I am so excited and hyped about Railgun S! I am a ardent fan of Onee Sama and more Mikoto is welcome anytime. Regardless of the fact though, I am really interested to see how Railgun S handles the Sister’s Arc and if it is a 24 episode season (which I hope it is) I wonder what stories are they going to handle too.

Some visuals from the producers. Kinda late to show you guys now since you guys would have seen it plastered all over the web and now counting down to Railgun S.

d7aa7ac382e5fff2d6b9c36ba10630da1362246558_full c671381fcc42dfd9c3080b45d88f70a41351698501_full




And now for fripSide.

fripSide is once again taking up Railgun’s theme song (Hooray!) and with the CMs already being promoted around Japan for Railgun S, we can hear the preview already. I am salivating I mean looking forward to the single release. The preview is really nice and it seem like very upbeat song (once again from fripSide). I love the slow and fast parts Sat seems to be releasing nowadays in his composition where Nanjo can sing slowly for the emotions to take in while suddenly increase her speed to keep up with the beats. Its not a really good description from words so I hope you guys know what I mean! Perhaps showing you guys the CMs would be easier =).

CM 1 and CM 2 (Combined)

SHE IS COME BACK. As much as I love Japan, their english is horrible.

CM 3

This was just uploaded yesterday and I can’t find a better copy then this. Never mind though you can clearly hear Sister’s Noise and I suppose this is the anime cut version size for it’s OP. It’s like a crossover of Level 5 and Way to answer haha.


So that’s it for fripSide and Railgun S update. Would update more if I could but I am rushing for my part time work as of writing hence put up with me! Once I come back I would write about the Single release date and pricing details. Those that wish to know now can hope over to style:fripside for more details.

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