sister’s noise and new live BD/DVD

Specifics on sister’s noise and a same day release of fripSide’s Tokyo december live in 2012. 

fripSide 6th Single: sister’s noise

My previous post have already included the preview and comments on sister’s noise. Below is the pricing and what you get for purchasing the First Press edition. fripSide fans should know the standard package that comes with every of their single release.

Releases May 8, 2013
【CD+DVD】 GNCA-0280, 1890yen (Limited Edition)
【CD】 GNCA-0281, 1260yen (Regular Edition)
CD includes sister’s noise, a coupling song, and two instrumentals
DVD includes PV, PV making, and special CM video
sister’s noise is the theme song for the upcoming new Railgun series Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

Of course I am grabbing the Limited Edition. The PV looks so interesting.


Live DVD&BD: Title to be announced

Releases May 8, 2013
【Blu-ray】 GNXA-1024, 5250yen
【DVD】 GNBA-1400, 4725yen
Recording of fripSide 10th Anniversary Live 2012 ~Decade Tokyo~ at STUDIO COAST on Dec. 22, 2012
nao + special guest appearances included
Tons of bonus footage including backstage video, interviews, and more

Tracklist can be viewed here at fripSide’s Official site

Similarly no way I can miss out a fripSide live release. Interesting thing is the BD and DVD pricing is different with BD being more expensive. Of course that’s the logical line of thinking but cause Animelo’s BD and DVD have no price differences I am beginning to wonder does that apply to all Japan BD/DVD release. Looks like its not haha.


That’s about it for fripSide release updates. There is information about fripSide upcoming live performances in March and April and a live concert in June over at style:fripSide. Credits to katie too for putting up the information above, lazy me just copied from there haha. Do hop over for more information on fripSide!

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